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2021 In-store design award first place Leon Mege

First place – Best Earrings over $5,000

Leon Mege Paraiba award winning chandelier earrings

Leon Mege Spectrum 2017

"Bellflower" ring featuring a 3.28-carat cabochon sapphire accented with diamonds and sapphire. Bespoke micro-pave, custom design in platinum. The ring is available for purchase - r7201

Leon Mege Spectrum 2017

"La Petite" bracelet with nine miniature charms featuring Rubies, Aquamarines, Garnets, Amethysts, Sapphires, Tourmalines, and Spinels. Available at our online store - b7482


Leon Mege Spectrum 2015Leon Mege Spectrum 2015 Best of Show

The AGTA Spectrum Awards™ Best of the show is considered the jewelry industry Oscar. It is the most respected and prestigious creative award for the design industry, a benchmark for jewelry designers striving to gain recognition for their work. Winners set the standards of excellence for our entire industry.

We are proud and excited to receive top honors and the Best of the Show Award in the 2015 Spectrum competition. Captivating 4.71-carat Windex-blue Paraiba cabochon ring.
This remarkable Brazilian stone is incredibly rare and currently is unable to be sourced because all of the mines have been exhausted.

 r6193_Ring_Paraiba_Leon_Mege_Spectrum Best of the show

Leon Mege Spectrum 2014

Leon Mege MJSA 2014award

As told by MSJA "The Professional Design Excellence Category celebrates work that exemplifies the best of contemporary jewelry design. The winners show a thorough grounding in the tradition of fine design, along with an eagerness for experimentation and innovation. By meeting the highest standards of craftsmanship and creativity, these designs truly deserve their award-winning status."

Rare Burmese blue moonstone micro pave ring with sapphires and diamonds by Leon Mege

Leon Mege Spectrum 2014

Custom-made right-hand ring, featuring magnificent blue moonstone set in an elaborate micro pave mounting. Three rows of rounded micro pave halo and three rows of pave on the shank. The stone is cradled in platinum and rose gold patterned cup encrusted with custom-cut sapphire cabochons.

Rare Burmese blue moonstone micro pave ring with sapphires and diamonds by Leon Mege

Leon Megé's 18K gold and sterling silver "Maestro" ring (r4986) featuring interchangeable records made of ebony wood and gemstones won 2nd place in the Objects of Art Division in 2014 Spectrum Awards.

This Category is unique and showcases jewelry as artwork that can stand on its own and that doesn't have to be worn to be appreciated.

"Blue Fin" exclusive ring featuring electric-blue 12.75 ct. Paraiba Tourmaline cabochon accented with diamonds and small paraibas won 1st Place in the Evening Wear division at the 2014 Spectrum Awards. This design is the epitome of Evening Wear and the Red carpet look.

Leon Megé's platinum ring featuring a 13.67 purple sapphire accented with diamonds and ruby cabochon received an honorable mention in the Evening Wear division at the 2013 Spectrum Awards The jewelry in this category is nothing short of spectacular and could be worn on any red carpet around the world.


Adesign award by leon mege maestro musical ring set

Leon Megé's “Maestro” ring is a musical experience translated into jewelry. Handcrafted in sterling silver, 18k gold, and black and white diamonds, the ring features interchangeable records made of black ebony wood and sits upon a base of white Carrera marble with a silver platform in the shape of an old-fashioned gramophone.

ADesign 2013

Taking Leon Megé approximately one year to complete, the “Maestro” ring offers a set of jewelry compiled into one piece. The miniature records that accompany the ring are custom-made with gemstones to fit a client’s personal music taste.

2012_Platinum_Honor_Spectrum_Award_r4696Stunning one-of-a-kind ring features a 16.76 ct. Paraiba Tourmaline cabochon accented with antique cushion-cut diamonds and micro pave. The ring design won Platinum Honors in the Business/Day Wear category at the 2012 AGTA Spectrum Awards. Platinum Honors recognizes the outstanding use of platinum in colored gemstone jewelry in the five Spectrum Awards categories.


The New Talent Design Competition seeks out to highlight the best new designers in fine jewelry. The American Jewelry Design Council is a non-profit educational corporation that recognizes and promotes original jewelry design as art. The award is given in recognition of the body of the designer's work.

The AJDC emphasizes the artistic qualities of jewelry design. Quote: “Essential to every culture, art is the vehicle for expressing emotions and ideas in a personal and creative manner.” The AJDC is a group of more than 30 designers whose mission is to promote the art of jewelry.

In coordination with JA, the annual contest helps present a single outstanding designer to national and international jewelry buyers. Michael Good designed the beautifully made award in Anticlastic raising technique.

The legendary American designer, late Jose Hess, presented the Award. Hess was the first American president of the CIBJO, an international trade association that created standards for the jewelry industry throughout the world. He was a decorated designer and the winner of numerous design competitions.

Leon Mege A'Design award certificate

The A'Design Jewelry, Eyewear, and Watch Competition highlight the excellent qualifications of best designs, design concepts, and design-oriented products on an international level. The competition honors the best designers in the world.

The A'Design Award is a badge of excellence in design and solidly proven design quality. The Award ceremony in Como, Italy is a major event for artists and designers worldwide. Winners are showcased on the Design Magazine website that is legendary for launching new names in the world of design.

The Platinum A'Design Award was awarded for the Leon Mege La Petite collection of miniature ring-like pendants. 


Leon Mege Spectrum 2010Leon Megé's platinum and silver ring featuring a 2.19 ct. Paraiba Tourmaline accented with Tourmalines and Diamonds won 2nd place in the Classical Division at the 2010 Spectrum Awards. The classical Category is defined by superior traditional and timeless designs with a fresh twist for modern-day beauty.r1293_Ring_Paraiba_Leon_Mege_New_York


First Place in Professional Jewelry Competition of St. Petersburg, Russia. The competition was held in cell block 16 of a government-run jewelry manufacturing complex "Russkiye Samotsvety" (Русские Самоцветы).

Русские Самоцветы где Леон Меже начинал карьеру ювелира

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