Complimentary Overnight Shipping

Enjoy free overnight shipping when you purchase a stock item or order a custom piece with all stones supplied by us.
We will never send a package without contacting you first. Before making shipping arrangements, we will reconfirm your shipping address and delivery day. We will never send a package without contacting you first. Before making shipping arrangements, we will reconfirm your shipping address and delivery day.
We will provide the tracking number as soon as the package is pick-up at our location. We cannot guarantee the exact time of the delivery. A third party is involved, and we have no control over it.

For your protection:

  • All packages are insured to the full value.
  • All deliveries must be made to a physical business or home address.
  • All packages require an adult signature.

Items valued at over $75,000 are shipped with Brinks or Malka-Amit. Packages must be delivered to a valid business address or picked up at the carrier location. Please get in touch with Brinks or Malka-Amit regarding their fees, locations, and hours of operation. Once someone signs for the package, the insurance coverage ceases to exist. Please delegate a trusted person to sign on your behalf if you cannot accept the parcel.

Only items where Leon Mege supplied all materials and labor are eligible for free shipping. In other words, if we set your grandmother’s stone, you pay for shipping.

Please contact us to estimate the shipping cost of pieces with heirloom stones. The rate is not guaranteed; it is an estimate, subject to change by the carrier without notice.

  • All packages originate from zip code 10036.
  • All orders are shipped overnight via a carrier of your choice.
  • Orders placed after 3 pm Eastern Standard Time on Thursdays will ship on Mondays.
  • Saturday deliveries are not allowed by our insurer.

Sending a package to us

Our shipping address:

Leon Megé, Inc.

151 West 46th Street, Suite 900

New York, NY 10036

Telephone (212)768-3868

The easiest and safest way to get your items to us is by bringing them in person. If you drop-ship a stone, please ensure your customer number is included.

Avoid shipping items during our vacations or Holidays. We are not responsible for any unsuccessful delivery attempts while we are closed. A sender is solely responsible for lost, damaged, or returned articles and shipping costs resulting from unsuccessful deliveries.

  • Wrap your valuables in a small piece of soft material such as polyester or cotton fiberfill, a piece of soft fabric, cotton balls, or paper tissue.
  • Seal it in a small zip-lock-type plastic bag. Place the bag inside a small Brown Kraft coin envelope. You can use it to write your personal information, such as the correct spelling of your name, telephone, email, and shipping address. If you know your account number (look for it in the subject line of an email we sent you), please write it on the envelope as well.
  • Secure the sealed coin envelope inside a padded Bubble-Mailer-type envelope.
  • Secure the Bubble Mailer inside a SMALL size FedEx/UPS box. Use Scotch tape if necessary to make sure it doesn’t move around.
  • Seal the box, and seal all edges with security or Scotch tape.
  • Place the SEALED box inside a MEDIUM FedEx/UPS shipping box.
  • Make sure to use foam chips, wrinkled paper, wood chips, shredded paper, or any other recycled material to fill the gaps.
  • Close the box and shake it. If you hear rattling, reopen the box and stuff more packing chips.
    Seal the outer box.
  • Do not write anything that indicates the package contents outside the box.
  • Pack only stones and jewelry. Any ring boxes, pouches, holders, etc., will be discarded along with the packaging material. We will not be responsible for those items, no matter how much sentimental value they hold for you.
  • Once your package has arrived, we will immediately notify you by email. If you haven’t heard from us in a while, please follow up by phone. Packages sent with registered mail might take longer to arrive than expected.

Going "Postal"

The least expensive way to purchase insurance is to use US Registered mail. As of 01/01/2018, US Registered mail insures packages up to $25,000. Declared value is not insurance. FedEx or UPS do not sell insurance. Always check with your insurer. They might be able to provide free insurance coverage, which is the bulk of the shipping cost. If not, purchase enough insurance to cover a replacement in the case of a loss.

Packaging instructions video

Please watch the video presentation we prepared for you explaining how to package your valuables and avoid any problems when shipping to us.

Play Video

International Shipping

The cost of international shipping is not included in the purchase price; please get in touch with us for a quote. Any customs charges, import/export duties, and other local taxes and fees are the customer’s responsibility, even if the recipient refuses the delivery.

Some countries impose additional fees collected by the carrier at the delivery time. These COD charges are the client’s responsibility. There is little chance of customs delaying or denying a delivery because we use reputable international carriers such as FedEx or UPS. We ship jewelry and stones globally, including Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Korea, Thailand, and the European Union.

friendly international shipping policy

Shipping to the UK

As of Dec. 2018, all jewelry shipped to the UK from the US is subject to Import Duty or Import Tax, Value Added Tax (VAT),  Customs Clearance Fees, and transport costs to the country’s destination.

  • Import Duty is 2.5%.
  • Value Added Tax (VAT) in the European Union is 20%, but it ranges from about 15% to 25% in the UK. Import Tax 2.5%. All duties are based on the declared value of the goods.
  • The shipping carrier or import agent may also charge fees to clear the shipment through customs. The fees are in the range of $5-$10. The person receiving the shipment is legally obligated to pay Import Duty, VAT, and customs clearance fees.

Shipping to Australia

As it turns out, we have a free trade agreement with the Aussies. Good for them! Duty rates in Australia vary from 0% to 10%, with an average duty rate of 4.6%. Some goods are not subject to duty (e.g., laptops and other electronic products). Sales tax (GST) applies to most imported goods, with a few exemptions. The main exceptions are certain foodstuffs, some medical aids, and imports that qualify for certain duty concessions. GST is applied at 10% of the Value of the Taxable Importation, the sum of the customs value, any duty payable, and freight and insurance costs. Imports with a product value up to AU $1,000 are exempt from duty, GST, and Import Processing charges.

Although jewelry is duty-free, other fees and taxes that may be payable, such as Goods and Services Tax (GST), are not exempted by AUSFTA. “Under the Australian-USA free trade agreement, a piece of jewelry manufactured in the US has a preferential duty-free status under the free trade agreement (AUSFTA).

The burden of knowledge, in this case, rests on the person importing the goods. Customs would charge duty unless the recipient requests preferential tariffs. A shipping carrier’s broker will claim the duty-free status under AUSFTA when the shipment arrives. As long as the carrier is notified that the item is duty-free, the importer can avoid the extra charge by following a simple procedure when the item arrives in Australia.

Generally, this is a small brokerage fee and a GST fee. (In the past, customers paid a 10% GST fee). No duty. This Agreement applies practically to any article of jewelry manufactured in the USA from raw materials. The origin of the raw materials does not matter.

AUSFTA exerts: Article 5.12 Claims for Preferential Treatment

Each Party shall provide that an importer may claim preferential treatment under this Agreement based on the importer’s knowledge or on the information in the importer’s possession that the good qualifies as an originating good. Each Party may require that an importer be prepared to submit, on request, a statement setting forth why the good qualifies as an originating good, including pertinent cost and manufacturing information. The statement need not be in a prescribed format and may be submitted electronically, where feasible.

Article 5.12 of AUSFTA does not require a certificate of origin.

The information can be in any form that the manufacturer wishes to provide, so long as it shows that the imported goods meet the rules of origin requirements of AUSFTA.

“Customs operates in a self-assessment environment, where information provided is treated in the first instance as true and correct. When a customs entry states that a US preference rate of duty applies, this will indicate that the importer of the goods possesses the information, or knowledge, as required in Article 5.12, paragraph 1, above, that this declaration is correct.”

Shipping to Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) is a free port. The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) is a free port. It does not levy any customs tariff on imports and exports. No tariff quota, surcharge, or value-added and general services taxes exist. Excise duties are levied only on four dutiable commodities: liquors, tobacco, hydrocarbon oil, and methyl alcohol.

Shipping to South Korea


Under the KORUS FTA, almost 80 percent of U.S. consumer and industrial product exports to Korea became duty-free on March 15, 2012. Nearly 95 percent of bilateral trade in consumer and industrial products will become duty-free within five years that date. Most remaining tariffs should be eliminated within ten years.

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