World's most beautiful three-stone ring

Are you in the market for a handmade three-stone ring but are torn between various styles? Watching a bewildering array of side stones, pondering which best suits your needs brings you nowhere. It’s a common dilemma. But worry not; we are here to unravel the distinctions between the multitude of diamond cuts, helping you make an informed decision that enhances your well-being.

Key features

The ring with pear-shaped sides is a perfectly balanced design for those who seek a touch of elegance in their jewelry. While the traditional three-stone ring with tapered baguettes remains the foundation of the style, the pear shapes introduce a twist, offering a tailored experience for a select audience.


Leon Mege has carved a formidable reputation, one that transcends international boundaries. The brand resonates with individuals seeking refined design, perfectly cut diamonds, and superb craftsmanship. This reputation is not just a result of a well-crafted image; it’s grounded in a legacy of quality. The brand’s commitment to producing top-tier jewelry has been steadfast since its inception.

Leon Mege is a famous Russian-American master jeweler and goldsmith, one of the most accomplished craftsmen still actively working. He has gained the respect of jewelry experts worldwide and is beloved by the Pricescope crowd, whom he lovingly calls “Priceholers.”

Marty Rappaport
Marty Rappaport@notyourbusiness
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Even without the diamond being set I already saw heavenly master behind the craftsmanship. The best solitaire I ever saw. I wholeheartedly endorse Leon Mege as the best solitaire maker in the world.
Emmett Brown
Emmett Brown@drivingdelorean
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I am so satisfied, I wish I can go back and do it again! Five stars!
Virgil Starkwell
Virgil Starkwell@baltimorekid
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After seeing the ring I completely gave up the idea of stealing her purse.
Richie Aprile
Richie Aprile@areyoutalkingtome
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I could kill for such a ring. Bravissimo!
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