Exclusive Patented Dynasty Cut Diamond

Leon Mege Dynasty Cut® Diamond

Dynasty Cut® diamond is Maestro Mege’s exclusive design offering a stunning look and tantalizing brilliance. The cut’s patented geometry is based on ancient sexagenary trigonometry resulting in a faceting structure of exceptional beauty and brilliance.

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Ancients knew all along

The Dynasty Cut® is Maestro’s own special diamond design inspired by the pure essence of math that never physically impinges upon the trigonometric functions of the real world. A 3700-year-old clay tablet found in the early 1900s in modern-day Iraq proved that Babylonian mathematicians developed the first trigonometric table a thousand years before Pythagorean. In the ancient city of Ashur, Sumerians used the Sexagesimal numeral system with sixty as its base, superior to our modern decimal system. Sixty is a highly composite number with twelve factors compared to decimal’s two, which is why it is still widely used for measuring time, angles, and geographic coordinates. The Dynasty Cut®  diamond has been the centerpiece of some of the finest modern jewelry by legendary American designer Leon Mege. These exceptional diamonds are distributed through a selective network of jewelry retailers worldwide.

Every Dynasty Needs a Unique Diamond

After many years of development and countless sleepless nights at the Diamond Acme lab, Leon Megé proudly presents The Dynasty Cut®. Cut with a small table and a higher crown to emphasize brilliance and fire, and it is 20% brighter than antique cushion diamonds with large facets.

Recognized by gemological laboratories worldwide as an advanced cutting technique, the Dynasty Cut® technology is protected by national and international patents. Rest assured, every Dynasty Cut® diamond is ethically sourced, conflict-free, and adheres to the strict global standards of the Kimberly Process and the Responsible Jewellery Council dedicated to eliminating all conflict diamonds.

Cushion step cut with esteemed proportions

The product of extensive research and development, the Dynasty Cut® design successfully combines a step-cut crown with a modified 8-main step-brilliant combination pavilion. The Dynasty Cut® is framed by applying a specific formula to the facet shapes, sizes, and angles to deliver a consistent, beautiful diamond cut with exceptional light performance. This facet design incorporates a high crown with steeper angles topped by the small table, producing a superior fire and fiery flashes of light distributed evenly throughout the whole crown area. The important “sculpture” effect is the three-dimensional visualization of the high profile reminiscent of the old fashion diamond cuts. The Dynasty Cut®’s twelve sides represent Yin and Yang’s harmony in Chinese numerology.

Using a proprietary mathematical formula, our master cutters facet each Dynasty Cut® diamond with astounding precision, resulting in unparalleled beauty, symmetry, and grace while maximizing the coveted diamond characteristics of brilliance, scintillation, and fire.

US patent 9,943,144
US patent 9,943,144

The inner core of the diamond design has many levels and layers intimately connected to modern art and structural geometry. The latest US Patent 9,943,144, obtained on April 17, 2018, confirms this cut to be unique and different from anything previously patented or available to the public.

Dynasty Cut® often incorporates a polished culet. This is not done for durability or to prevent chipping as often incorrectly assumed, but rather to give the diamond the “Kozibe” effect commonly found in antique cuts, which is the multiple culet reflections visible through the crown facets. The polished culet is a sign of craftsmanship, establishing the visual symmetry of the faceting. Dynasty Cut® smaller culet prevents light leakage from certain angles common for step-cuts.

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