Diamond Upgrade

Diamonds purchased from Leon Megé are entitled to our exclusive Lifetime Upgrade. We will credit the full amount of the original purchase price (excluding the mounting) towards the purchase of a new stone.

  • One upgrade per customer per year is allowed
  • The earliest upgrade can be one year from the purchase date
  • Only the keystone is eligible for an upgrade.

Only the diamond is upgradeable, not the mounting. The upgrade is calculated based on the value of the center stone only, excluding mountings, rings, settings, or additional stones. The traded stone must be delivered to Leon Mege, Inc. before we provide any price quotes for its replacement are provided.

The minimum value of the replacement stone must exceed the original price by at least 200%. For example, a $10,000 stone can be upgraded to a stone that costs $30,000 or more. A stone must be upgraded to a larger stone of the same shape and cut. The replacement stones are not eligible for the price match guarantee. The cost of the new mounting is the customer’s responsibility.
Stones other than natural diamonds, such as lab-grown diamonds, are not eligible for an upgrade.

To qualify for an upgrade, the diamond must be:

  • Natural, not lab-grown
  • Clarity grade VS1 or above
  • Color grade G or above
  • GIA certified
  • Up to 2-carat round or up to 3-carat fancy shape
  • Fluorescence – None or Faint

Upgrade eligibility must be stated in writing on the original invoice at the time of the purchase.
The original GIA certificate must accompany the diamond.
All upgrades are subject to examination and approval by our staff gemologist.

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