The Perfect Solitaire™

World's Most Beautiful Engagement Solitaire

We are masters of precision-forging the finest engagement rings you can buy. Our craftsmanship and style are unsurpassed by Winston, Cartier, or Graff. Our The Perfect™ solitaire, crafted by a small team of highly skilled artisans in New York, is superior and more affordable than other luxury brands. The ring is set with natural and lab-grown ideal-cut round diamonds up to 2-carat in size. The ring with diamonds over 2 carats and fancy-cut diamonds are available by special order.

Key features

  • The most seductive shank curvature with an apical point
  • The steep angle of the basket holding the stone
  • Medium height of the setting for stones smaller than 2 carats
  • Larger stones are set as low as possible
  • Thin tapered prongs with our famous Eagle-claw tips
  • Platinum is the metal of choice, but 18K gold is an option as well


Harry Winston solitaires comparisonLeon Mege solitaires comparison

Leon Mege vs. Harry Winston

Crowned the “King of Diamonds,” Harry Winston is a venerable jewelry brand well-known to the upper-crust traditional clientele. Our ring is very similar, and some might even say “identical” to the Winston solitaire; however, small differences make our version superior by a long shot.

  • The Perfect™ Solitaire and Harry Winston Classic Solitaire are made from 95% Ruthenium-alloyed platinum.
  • Each Perfect™ Solitaire is handmade individually, while Harry Winston Classic Solitaire is mass-produced on an industrial scale.
  • Harry Winston’s ring has awkwardly shaped straight shoulders, while the shank on Leon Mege’s solitaire has graceful shoulders.
  • The center stone on Winston’s ring is buried in hastily shaped prongs, while Leon Mege setters use a microscope to shape prong tips precisely.

Leon Mege vs. Cartier 1895

The Perfect™ Solitaire is superior to the boxy Cartier 1895 ring in every aspect. With a similar look and style, deciding which solitaire is better can be challenging.

  • Both Leon Mege and Cartier 1895 are made from high-quality platinum.
  • Leon Mege’s solitaire offers a V-shaped basket, which is less visible and opens up the center stone, while Cartier 1895 has a boxy basket with a large under gallery. 
  • Leon Mege solitaire has more pronounced convex shoulders that float the diamond in thin air.
  • Both brands are well-known to jewelry aficionados. Cartier is a well-known and well-respected brand, while Leon Mege is an arthouse.
  • Leon Mege rings are produced by special order, while Cartier manufactures thousands of rings in a single batch.
    The price of Cartier 1895 is two or three times higher than Leon Mege’s The Perfect™ Solitaire.
Cartier 1895 solitaires comparison2 blkLeon Mege solitaires comparison

Amazing Eagle Claw Prongs

Our famous “Eagle Claw” prongs shaped like eagle talons are unsurpassed. A client can choose between trendy double-claws or traditional single-claw prongs. They are the prongs of choice for important gems in high-end jewelry. Providing stone security during the setting, they require lighter pressure on the stone’s girdle. Their shape makes them less visible while providing a secure grip on a stone. Unfortunately, they are also more difficult to make and require the skills of an experienced setter. Our setters have tremendous experience in shaping the prong tips. On average, our claws have a smaller footprint without sacrificing the prong’s strength and holding power.

We’ve embraced, refined, and perfected the ring architecture designed to hold a single stone thanks to its inherent simplicity, adaptability, and refinement (solitaires have been worn and appreciated for over 100 years) 

Elegant shank curvature

Clean lines and refined design, free from unnecessary embellishments, characterize The Perfect™ Solitaire’s cathedral shank. Its elegant shoulder curve is defined by the golden vector path, aka the Bézier curve,  the foundation of all non-linear designs. The curve’s pioneer, Monsieur Pierre Étienne Bézier (1910-1999), was a distinguished French engineer.

Ring's shoulders

We do it better because we make one ring at a time. No mass production means total satisfaction. Every surface of Leon Mege The Perfect™ Solitaire is meticulously finished with smooth mirror-like polish.

Leon Mege perfect solitaire gallery illustration

Minimalistic gallery

The ring’s basket is a lattice structure that helps reduce part volume, which prevents excessive stress buildup and makes its parts lighter and stronger. The ring’s basket consists of an upper bezel and a gallery, which is the foundation for the prongs, moving them away from each other for added strength and stability. A beautiful steep A-shaped basket has a very small gallery that gives it stress absorption and reduces the clearance between an engagement and wedding band.

Low-end rings often lack a gallery where prongs converge into a single weak point presented as a design feature. In reality, it’s a cost-saving flaw, the equivalent of a car with three wheels.

Exceptional value

Our jewelry is made by hand, which means two things. The first is that it is very time-consuming to produce a single piece. The second is that the quality of a handmade ring, especially from Leon Mege, will be exceptional. Both factors play the biggest role in why The Perfect™ Solitaire is so desirable. Leon Mege jewelry is known for its crisp edges, smooth curves, and precise fit. They are made from high-quality platinum alloy and are corrosion-resistant, harder, and denser than most platinum rings.

Exquisite Diamond Quality

The center stone is the solitaire’s price driver more than any other ring style. Securing the perfect center stone at the right price and avoiding a markup can save you thousands of dollars. Our precision-forged The Perfect™ Solitaire boasts exceptional cut, clarity, and color of diamonds. We hand-select the ideal or super-ideal cut stones that qualify to be set into our rings.

GIA Superideal Cut Diamonds

We offer GIA-certified Superideal round brilliants (sometimes called 8x GCAL cut) in addition to GIA XXX and certified Hearts & Arrows diamonds. 

What options do you get with a handmade solitaire? The Perfect™ Solitaire has a clean look and streamlined appeal, proven by decades of perfecting the minute details. The ring has only a few elements: a basket formed by an upper bezel and a gallery connected by prongs and integrated into a cathedral shank with elegant arching shoulders terminated with a crisp point. That leaves very little to tweak except choosing between double and single claws.

The Perfect™ Solitaire is only one of many solitaire styles available. We also offer the cathedral “Princessa Solitaire” with a dainty shank and shoulders tucked under the basket. The style is designed to show a minimum amount of metal. Our Modern Solitaire features a uniform shank and a basket-set center stone seemingly floating in thin air over the finger. And lastly, our crown-style Tulip Solitaire is our answer to the Tiffany six-prong engagement ring.

Feng Shui favors classic engagement solitaires because the energy of the single stone focuses its strength on love and clarity of dedication. The energy of a diamond solitaire indicates honesty, fidelity, and a keen sense of partnership. A  round diamond enhances communication and clairvoyance with the ability to read the loved one’s thoughts and feelings before they materialize.

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