Tranquility™ Program

leon mege tranquility and peace guaranteed

On occasion, we can offer our exclusive Tranquility™ Program. It can give peace of mind to those who fear a commitment to a custom ring that cannot be seen or tried on yet. The Tranquility™ Program gives your a double take at getting exactly what you want.

Here is how it works. If you pick a stone from our stock and we agree on the ring’s design, in the unlikely event you are not satisfied, we will take it back for a store credit. That’s right, we will not return your money, but you will have a second stab at the ring you are dreaming about.  

We will give you five business days to decide whether to keep the piece or return it for a store credit. Shipping costs will not be included in this deal. Limitations:

  • Finger size 5 to 7
  • No personalization or engraving
  • Natural diamonds only
  • Must be unworn if returned
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