The Duchess of Cornwall Camilla wedding and engagement rings together

Case for wearing rings apart

Wearing a wedding band next to an engagement ring is a cause for concern and should be avoided. We advise wearing engagement and wedding rings on different hands to preserve their precious uniqueness and beauty. Of course, joining both rings for special occasions is OK, but continuous wear will inevitably wreck at least one.

The friction between two rings will cause damage, the extent and speed of which depends on the fit and how they stack against each other. The damage accelerates when the rings are too big for the finger, and there is a lot of movement. A tight fit and carefully selected band style can mitigate and slow the process.

Several factors contribute to the damage. A wedding band can eventually carve a tunnel through an engagement ring’s undercarriage. In time, it will appear to have been made intentionally.  Consequently, the wedding band diamonds may fall out as a result of the engagement ring ripping off the beads holding them. Direct contact between diamonds causes the most extensive and usually irreparable damage. The friction will wear off the metal, weaken, and eventually break it unless two rings are permanently fused together. Although it eliminates friction, it turns the two rings into a single crooked ring with an offset center.

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