Lifetime quality and servicing guarantee

The Leon Megé brand and reputation are your best assurance of impeccable quality and aesthetic perfection. Each piece complies with the highest manufacturing standards and is guaranteed to be free from any manufacturing defects for life. Our lifetime quality and servicing guarantee covers every manufacturing fault or latent defect except for damages caused by fair wear and tear, loss, theft, inappropriate use, or natural disaster.

All warranty repairs and adjustments of issues caused by faulty manufacturing will be made free of charge, and Leon Megé, Inc, will cover all domestic shipping costs. Our quality-control staff inspects every item under 20x magnification before delivery, so it is highly unlikely for anything to be less than perfect. If we determine that the repair is impossible, we reserve the right to scrap the whole piece and re-make it from scratch. When available, we attempt to replace the item with one of the same size, grade, and value.

What could go wrong?

The most common manufacturing defects are:

  • Metal fracturing
  • Loose stone(s)
  • Warped or misshapen parts
  • Distorted symmetry
  • Dirt residue


Fractures or cracks missed by our quality control team will be repaired free of charge. A warranty does not cover the cracks caused by metal fatigue (repeated bending and warping of metal) resulting from normal wear and tear. While minor repairs can be done free of charge, the cost of extensive repair is the customer’s responsibility.

Missing pavé stones

Unfortunately, the loss of pavé stones (1.5 mm or less) cannot be prevented and is eventually expected to happen. It is not caused by faulty manufacturing. The tiny size of the stones determines the strength and stability of the beads holding them. Beautiful but delicate pavé can be affected by even moderate wear. It is no problem for us to replace them. Labor is free; the customer will only pay for the stones and shipping. Please use this link to check our fees

Due to the high risk of fraud, Leon Megé is not responsible for losing any stone larger than 2 mm, regardless of when or under which circumstances the loss occurs. The cost of replacing such a stone is the customer’s sole responsibility. Please consult your insurance provider. Larger stones will be re-set free of charge except when an extensive repair is required.

Completely Worry-Free

If the issue has resulted from normal wear and tear, you will only be charged for the actual cost of repair materials, but not for our time and attention.

If a problem ever occurs and the item appears damaged or defective, get in touch with us as soon as possible. Do not continue to wear the piece to avoid any further damage. If an issue requires our attention, the item will have to be returned to us for inspection or repair.

Please make sure to contact us before returning any merchandise for inspection. If you need our assistance shipping it back, please let us know. Upon arrival, the item will be subjected to a detailed and thorough examination. If no defect is found, the repair will be refused. The item will then be returned at the client’s expense.

Not Without Limitations

The warranty is null and void if:

  • A third party repaired or altered the piece without Leon Megé’s written authorization.
  • We were not made aware of the fact that excessive force caused the damage
  • The piece is damaged beyond repair. We can offer assistance in filing a claim with your insurance provider.
  • The client’s account is not in good standing
  • There is evidence of any tampering

The warranty does not apply to any estate jewelry, items sold at a discounted price, or items sold in “as-is” condition. Please check the warranty status before purchasing.

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