Price Match Guarantee

lowest price guarantee price match

We will sell the same diamond offered elsewhere for less. We can do it because there is no intermediary between the diamond owner and us. By buying from us, you can save thousands. Each diamond is identified by its GIA certificate number.

The diamond market is similar to real estate – any agent can sell a house listed on the market.

Similarly, the same diamonds can be sold by any jeweler with access to the International diamond wholesale marketplace. Commercial websites buy a subscription to display the diamonds listings. That’s why competing websites can offer the same stone simultaneously.

We can locate a diamond by dozens of parameters, for example, by a pavilion angle or fluorescence color. We also have our exclusive inventory of True Antique cushion diamonds. Check our diamond stock list.

Every diamond we supply is 100% authentic and accompanied by a certificate issued by the GIA, the industry’s leading independent authority on gemology and gem identification.

Matching Competitor's Price

We guarantee the best price for all GIA-certified diamonds, or we will match the lowest competitor’s price and still happily provide you with all the perks of shopping at Leon Mege, such as the ability to:

  • View the stone in person at our Manhattan showroom
  • Receive expert advice from our resident gemologist
  • Have a private consultation with Leon Mege
  • Tap into the wealth of research and experience we possess
  • Examine a high-resolution in-house video

Matching "Wire Price"

We will match the “wire price” (an immediate full payment via wire transfer is required) with the following conditions:

  • Wire price sales are final
  • The stone must be paid in full
  • The wire must be sent within 24 hours.
  • The stone was not previously under consideration 

The price match guarantee applies only to unset natural GIA-certified diamonds currently available on the Rapnet.

  • The stone must be offered by a legitimate US-based vendor. Price matches are subject to verification. We reserve the right to refuse matching prices advertised by disreputable vendors.
  • The advertised price must be public and available to everyone. Prices offered by unauthorized sellers, auctions, or private sales will not be honored.
  • The competing offer must not have any caveats or conditions attached to the sale, such as an obligation to make additional purchases.
  • A price match is done at the sole discretion of Leon Mege without any obligations. We reserve the right to refuse a price match or price adjustment at anytime and without explanation.

Double Dipping

price match no double dippingShoppers who do not appreciate the effort going into finding a good diamond by contacting several jewelers at once are not welcome at Leon Mege. We respect our colleagues and do not want to undercut their profit margin.

Predatory shoppers trying to beat the system by instigating a bidding war will be blocked and refused any further business. 

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