Precision-Forged Jewelry

At Leon Mege, we have over 40 years of experience making custom jewelry. Leon Mege is a pioneer in forging platinum jewelry by hand. Consequently, we have the knowledge and experience to guide you through your decision process.

Our jewelry is different. We use bench tools to cut, bend, forge, and file the metal stock into a piece of jewelry instead of casting it by pouring liquid metal into a clay form. Each piece we make is a product of successful collaboration and interaction with a client.

Our pieces are assembled from separate parts, each painstakingly formed from a plate or wire with hand tools. We set our diamonds and gemstones under a microscope for precision and safety. Any technology taking the artistry out of the jewelry-making process is strictly forbidden in Leon Mege workshop.

Hand-forging is a term describing jewelry-making without casting, purely by shaping the raw metal using only hand tools. This is the highest form of bespoke craftsmanship done without molds or CAD. 

We have no competitors capable of the same level of craftsmanship and artistry, except for a few shops working only for the trade and not taking private commissions.

The secret to finding the perfect diamond is analyzing the diamond data and extracting the bits of information that escape others. We have a proprietary methodology allowing us to sift through hundreds of listings to find the one that stands out by its properties and value. Leon Mege is a professional gemologist who earned a GIA graduate gemologist’s diploma in 1991.

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