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Blonde™ Moissanite is a superior brand of Moissanite sold exclusively by Leon Mege jewelers.

Its unmatched beauty is due to the highly selective proprietary manufacturing process. Leon Mege Blonde™ Moissanite cut usually exceeds GIA (Gemological Institute of America) accepted cutting tolerances set for diamonds.

This high standard ensures that Leon Mege Blonde™ Moissanite is the most desirable brand of Moissanite. We employ the most experienced cutters and polishers to unleash the beauty of our Blonde™ Moissanite. Leon Mege Blonde™ Moissanite is not intended to simulate a diamond but is marketed as a diamond stand-in instead.

You can enjoy this beautiful stone at a fraction of a diamond cost and significantly lower prices than any competing brands such as Charles and Colvard, F&B, NEO, and others. Crystal structure, transparency, brilliance, and visual beauty are the pillars of our proprietary manufacturing process. Leon Mege Blonde™ Moissanite will never chip, crack or discolor; it is extremely durable but still demands the same respect as any other gemstone.

Modern moissanite and, in particular, Leon Mege Blonde moissanite does not have a yellow or green overtone; it is absolutely white. There is no grading system similar to a diamond’s 4C’s for moissanite; they are graded solely by color. Each moissanite vendor claims superior cut and clarity. This is a superficial claim due to the low cost of the rough material. Producing an excellent cut is easy when preserving the weight is not an object.
Leon Mege Blonde Moissanite is superior to other Moissanite brands because our cutters have an overwhelmingly better experience and knowledge. Faceting silicon carbide to look like a natural diamond requires slightly different angles. This is due to the difference in the optical properties of moissanite. Collection-color Blonde moissanite is a rough equivalent of GIA D-E color in diamonds. Production grade is F-G, and Commercial grade is H-I.

True Antique cushion moissanite

Blonde™ Moissanite is available in a wide variety of cuts, but the Leon Mege Trie Antique cut remains the most popular and requested. It has the perfect combination of brightness, fire, and enough sparkle to ignite a forest fire. Because of their proportions, Leon Mege’s antique cushion Blonde™ moissanites are brighter and show more fire than any other cushions. Their light return is outstanding, outperforming any competing brands. Kept clean and well cared for, Blonde™ Moissanite will last a lifetime.

True Antique™ cushion
True Antique™ cushion Blonde™ Moissanite
Blonde moissanite

What is Moissanite?

Moissanite is a transparent silicon carbide with an impressive 9.25 hardness on the Mohs scale. It is significantly harder than all other gemstones except diamonds. For comparison, Cubic Zirconia’s (CZ) hardness measures 8-8.5. Moissanite is so durable that you will never have to worry about damaging the stone. It can be scratched only by a diamond.

Blonde Moissanite’s remarkable diamond-like appearance easily fools a casual observer. Even an experienced jeweler sometimes needs a loupe to tell the difference. Moissanite has excellent brilliance and a superior dispersion, or “fire.” In particular, Moissanite looks incredibly natural, very diamond-like as an antique cushion – one of our specialties.

In Living Colors

Blonde™ Moissanite is available in many hues, including:

  • Colorless: This is the most popular moissanite color, often used as a substitute for diamonds. It is clear and brilliant, and it has a high refractive index, which means that it bends light very well, producing fiery bliss.
  • Near-colorless: This material has a slightly yellow or grayish tint, barely registering with a casual observer. Near-colorless material is favored by those who want to maximize the resemblance to a natural diamond.
  • Fancy colors:  Blonde™ Moissanite is also produced in a variety of fancy colors, such as pink, blue, green, and yellow. Fancy-colored moissanite is often used in fashion pieces as an affordable substitute for colored gemstones.
Blonde Moissanite colors

The sizes we can supply are virtually unlimited. Realistically speaking, in larger sizes, double refraction is too noticeable, and it should be avoided.

Despite the claims by its producers, there is no difference between all moissanite brands. All moissanite is produced in China in massive industrial vats and imported in quantities to the US. What makes Blonde™ Moissanite different is the superior cutting skills of our cutters. Any claim of superiority by any brand of moissanite is unfounded.

Moissanite is an inexpensive diamond substitute on its way out, to be replaced by lab-grown diamonds. The same goes for natural diamonds.

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