Rules of Engagement

Purchase must be paid in full, and our bank clears the payment before the item leaves our premises. All sales are final unless stated otherwise. All prices are in US dollars.

Retainer illustration

The Retainer

The first step in mutual collaboration is a nonrefundable retainer, a Good Faith deposit signaling a commitment to mutual collaboration. It ensures our legwork in sourcing and evaluating the stones, and the artistic designer’s input is paid.

The Point of Sale

A Purchase Order (PO) is a binding contract describing all the sale’s costs, terms, and conditions. Signing it constitutes the acceptance of all terms without exception. Once the PO is signed, it becomes a mutually binding agreement that cannot be revised or canceled under any circumstances. The execution of every design aspect must be left to Leon Megé’s sole discretion as an artist, except the specifications explicitly described in the Purchase Order.

Purchase Order

Both sides verbally agree to the purchase the moment the sale takes place. Once the agreement is reached, the Purchase Order will be drafted and sent to you to be signed. Both sides must honor the verbal agreement until the order is processed and paid for. Any client who fails to follow through with the payment for the agreed-upon purchase will be refused any services in the future. Any contact or purchases in the future will be refused.

The deposit

Custom orders require a deposit – usually 50% of the total minus the retainer, if any. The deposit is non-refundable. Full payment upfront is required for the following:

  •  custom-made wedding bands
  • work with simulants, lab-grown, synthetic, treated, semi-precious 
  • work with low-value gems
  • work involving conceptual or unusual designs
  • work with vulnerable gemstones, such as emeralds or Tanzanites

The balance is due before the item is delivered. The terms of the sale will be honored for one business day after the PO is issued unless there is a written agreement to extend the terms. If a deposit is not received within 48 hours, the Purchase Order is null and void.

Collection and fees

The balance must be paid in full within 30 days. Failure to pay the balance will result in a 1.5% interest compounded monthly and added to the total. Failure to pay the balance within three months from the day of the initial purchase will result in the deposit’s complete forfeiture. Failure to settle the balance within six months will trigger legal action to collect any without further notice. If the project is abandoned for any reason, the customer is still responsible for the full amount, regardless of the completion stage.

We are a professional business holding up our end of the deal. it’s not only important but vital for clients our clients to reciprocate, and we will employ all legal options available to us to recover the overdue balance.

All charges are payable by the due date shown on the billing statement. Accounts that remain unpaid are considered delinquent, and interest will be assessed on any unpaid balance.

Calculation of Penalty and Interest
Charges are considered delinquent 30 days after the due date. Interest is assessed on the unpaid balance when a charge becomes delinquent and is calculated at 1.5% per month until paid. A one-time 10 percent penalty will also be charged. Late-payment penalties and interest charges will be tabulated.

Interest Rates on Overdue and Delinquent Debts
In addition to incurring interest on an unpaid balance, clients will incur a hold on their accounts. If still unpaid, Leon Mege, Inc. will submit the account for collection in accordance with the New York State guidelines.

The Production

The work officially starts on the day the PO is signed. Due to the unpredictable nature of custom work, a deadline cannot be guaranteed. Leon Mege is not responsible for any monetary loss to the client due to a completion delay. Custom work cannot be returned unless covered by the Tranquility Program. The eligibility must be stated on the Purchase Order.

Upon receiving the item, a client has ten days to notify Leon Mege Inc. of any damages based on the goods’ condition, grade, or quality. Such notice must specify in detail the particulars of the claim. Failure to provide such notice within the requisite time constitutes an irrevocable acceptance of the goods.

Custom work production illustration
Sales tax illustration

Sales tax in NY

We do not collect sales tax on items shipped outside New York State or to foreign countries. 8.875% New York state sales tax is collected only for items delivered in the state of New York or picked up in person at our Manhattan location. The amount will be calculated before the order is shipped and shown on the final invoice.

All import duties for items shipped overseas are the client’s responsibility.


In no event shall Leon Megé Inc. be liable for any indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages arising from a customer’s purchase or use of any product or service, even if Leon Megé Inc. has advance notice of the possibility of such damages. Any loose gemstones are sold on the condition that they will be set in Leon Mege jewelry.

All questions regarding stock availability, return policy, costs, and availability must be asked before purchasing. Leon Mege, Inc. makes no explicit assurances or guarantees regarding the finished item’s appraised or market value. Leon Mege cannot be held liable for any accidental errors/typos or obsolete, outdated, or incorrect information on our website.

Because of their intended usage, Leon Megé Inc. makes no warranties whatsoever, expressed or implied, written or oral, to purchasers of their products regarding performance, safety, fit, merchantability, or length of service.

Purchasers are responsible for the selection of proper goods. They must rely on their skills or judgment that such goods are suitable for the purchaser’s application.
Under the United States Copyright Act of 1976, Leon Megé Inc. retains all rights to all patterns, concepts, engineering techniques, processes, designs, directions, drawings, models, prototypes, computer data, et al., unless released explicitly in writing.

They are held to Leon Megé, Inc. rights conventions of National Patent, Trademark, and Copyright laws. They are the property of Leon Mege, Inc. Leon Mege’s work is guaranteed for life. The consumer must exercise proper care to display, handle, wear, store, and clean the jewelry. The manufacturer’s warranty does not cover any damages caused by everyday wear and tear.

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