Buying a center stone is not required, but we strongly discourage getting elsewhere. We have access to every stone on the global market and will source it for you at the guaranteed lowest price. We can work with your heirloom stone. When you buy the stone from us, you get a hand-forged ring and a world-class diamond in a seamless transaction.

By buying the center stone directly from us, you get free shipping, prioritized completion date, full insurance coverage, including inadvertent damage to the stone during production. The price of the setting is automatically discounted when we supply the stone, so expect to pay more when you bring your own stone.

About heirloom stones

We neither make pre-fabricate mountings nor sell unfinished jewelry. We are high-end jewelers making pieces to order by hand in a process called hand-forging. All our custom pieces are created individually to accommodate a unique stone.

Our specialty is antique diamond cuts.
We sell all types of diamonds: Round, Asscher, Emerald, Cushion (modern and antique), Radiant, Oval, Pear, Marquise, Heart shape, French cut, and others. We have an exclusive inventory of True Antique cushion cut diamonds, matching pairs, and layouts.

We ask you to give us a fair chance to supply the stone. If we cannot supply a similar stone at a lower price, we will work with your stone. 

Every natural diamond we sell is accompanied by the original diamond report from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). We strongly suggest certifying your heirloom stone prior to setting and offer assistance in submitting it to a lab. Five things you didn't know about diamond certificates.


We do! Our lab-grown diamonds come directly from the lab diamond producers without any middleman. As always, we will match the lowest deal by any competitor.

Leon Megé emphasizes quality rather than speed of production or a price point. We adhere to the highest standards for craftsmanship. Decades of expertise ensure that our work is the absolute finest. Leon Megé's design aesthetics are a perfect mix of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary style. Our hand-forged jewelry has a refined, elegant look. It enhances the look of a stone instead of hiding it under clumps of metal.

No worries, you will get more comfortable with every consecutive engagement. 🙂
Please take a few minutes to read our brief, no-nonsense primer on how to commission a piece.
Start by booking a phone consultation, and we will guide you through the process. Take a look at our policies

You can get a hand-forged custom-made ring for less than you think. To save on the costs, consider:
- a smaller stone
- lower color/clarity
- fancy shape instead of a round diamond
- a lab-grown diamond
- a "flat" stone weighing less than a "conventional" stone of the exact dimensions.
- skip the pave and accent stones

It depends on your project. Your options are (choose only one):

  • To start selecting stones, please pay the retainer
  • Call us to discuss the job
  • Pay a deposit
  • Request a Purchase Order
  • Have your heirloom stone shipped to us
  • Buy a stock piece, use our website to make a purchase.

We meet with clients by appointment only, you can't just walk in. Also a retainer is required before booking an appointment. The pandemic just gave everyone a good reason to keep a distance. Most interactions can be done by phone or email. However, if necessary, we will set up a meeting to provide complete, face-to-face attention. 

We need some downtime to make the most beautiful jewelry in the world during the week. We are always willing to accommodate you in the after-hours during the workweek.
Fine jewelry should not be a compulsive purchase like a pack of gum in front of a register. If you can't wait until Monday to buy a piece of jewelry, you should not be buying it at all.

Leon Megé is a respected brand of bespoke, one-of-a-kind jewelry. Leon Mege signed jewelry is retailed at our website. It can be purchased in-person in our Times Square showroom.
Leon Mege limited edition jewelry is sold at the finest retailers worldwide. Please contact us for the nearest location.

We do sell finished jewelry to the trade. We also manufacture private label pieces for high-end retailers all over the world.
If you are a retailer and interested in carrying our line, please send us an email.

Custom-made wedding bands are available only for those who already purchased an engagement ring from us. We carry a limited stock of ready-made wedding bands available for purchase.

Upgrading or purchasing back your diamond is always an option. The relationship with our clients means a lot to us, so accommodating your changing taste and lifestyle is our mission.

Platinum is a perfect metal for hand-forging, which is the way we make our jewelry. Hand fabrication using white gold instead of platinum is more labor-intensive, so it will cost more in the end.

Jewelers who use casting prefer working with white gold because white gold is easier and cheaper to cast.

We strongly recommend minimizing wearing both rings together to avoid damage from friction. If necessary, we can customize the engagement ring or shadow the wedding band to fit both rings flush. What hand should you wear the band on? 

It is crucial to have the correct ring size before commissioning a custom work. Visit us to have your finger correctly measured, or read our Sizing Manual.

We offer a Lifetime warranty. For terms and conditions, please consult our Repair policy. We will service every piece we made and perform repairs if needed.

We will reach out shortly before the completion to give you enough time to settle the balance and prepare for the delivery. We will confirm the delivery date with you before shipping.

It is impossible to photograph each piece we made from every angle. When the additional images are available, we will share them with our clients.

Leon Mege vs Harry Winston beauty competition who is more handsome?Not at all. The late Harry Winston didn't like the camera, but Leon Mege is very comfortable being photographed. Unlike Harry, who sported a look of an angry gargoyle, Leon Mege is quite handsome.

Yes, we guarantee complete confidentiality and we are willing to lie if asked.

An engagement ring should hold the stone with minimum distraction. Adding decorative elements just to make it "different" makes the ring more noticeable at the expense of the stone.
You are risking turning the ring into a Christmas tree decoration and regretting it for the rest of your first marriage.
Keep the design clean and steer away from messing with the classic look. Adding a "secret stone" or a hand-engraved inscription is perfectly fine.

Maintenance is easy if the cleaning is done regularly, perhaps once every two weeks. We recommend brushing the ring in a lukewarm solution of dishwashing liquid and a drop of household ammonia with a soft toothbrush.

You are welcome to stop by for a complimentary cleaning and checkup. We recommend bringing your jewelry for a checkup at least twice a year. An appointment is required.


Detailed cleaning instructions.

After the work is complete, we can send you a copy of a complimentary in-house appraisal so you can get the piece insured.

Appraisals are available only for pieces with all stones supplied by us.

Detailed appraisal information here.

Leon Megé is a nom de plume of the master jeweler, award-winning artist, platinumsmith, and philanthropist, Maestro Mege. It is pronounced "Mey-zhée"

No one has ever turned down Leon Mege ring, no matter how repulsive the suitor was. We are confident that your proposal will not be rejected. But if it does happen, regroup and try again in a few months. And there is always an option of a Russian mail-order bride.

Custom-made jewelry cannot be returned. We will work with you on trading it for another once you find your true soulmate.

Once Elon Musk fills up your Tesla, Bill Gates reformats your hard drive, and Donald Trump fences your backyard, Maestro Mege will sit at the bench and craft your ring with his own hands. Otherwise, you can rely on the skilled work by professional jewelers he employs and supervises.

We work as a team, and Mr. Megé is personally involved in every aspect of production. He is the heart and brain behind the magic of the Leon Megé brand. He is personally responsible for each piece of jewelry, whether it's made with his own hands or the capable hands of his jewelers.

We do not carry prefabricated settings; each piece is designed for a specific stone. A custom-made ring will fit your stone like a glove.

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