Swords and Shields

Swords and Shields


Diamond Swords and shields Leon Mege

Regarding the use of the term Hearts and Arrows:

The hearts and arrows cut is not well defined. All ideal cut diamonds display that effect to a certain degree. Japanese obsession with quality and precision resulted in diamonds cut so exactly that the shadows of facets produced kaleidoscopic patterns.


A small gismo was devised to aid the observation of this effect - the pattern of eight distinct chevron-shaped spots and eight elongated spots visible when the stone is flipped upside down. The original Japanese name "Swords and Shields" was eradicated and replaced by the sugary "hearts and arrows."

We use only "ideal cut" diamonds, which are defined as stones with an Excellent cut grade by the Gemological Institute of America. Most or all of ideal cut stones display a pattern that is known as the so called "Hearts and Arrows." All ideal cut stones display the Hearts and Arrows effect to a certain degree, from very strong to weak.


Our own Swords and Shields™ collection could be classified as ideal cut diamonds with a strong Hearts and Arrows effect. It is a premium selection that can be requested at an additional cost. Please specify "Swords and Shields" selection when placing your order.

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