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"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler."
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Whether a piece of jewelry is a work of art or not depends on the way it's designed and made. Every piece the Leon Mege workshop produces is conceived with the client’s unique taste in mind. To achieve this goal, we rely on an old fashioned and time-tested traditional way of making every piece by hand.

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The term "hand-made" is no longer a reliable indicator of the craftsmanship and the methods that have been used in production.  Jewelry advertised as being handmade by definition must be made by hand, from start to finish, without machinery used for mass production being involved in the process.

Even pieces produced by CAD-CAM, casting, and other inferior methods of jewelry-making are incorrectly called "handmade."

Leon Mege bench made jewelry

Leon Mege craftmanship

Leon Mege bespoke jewelry
Leon Mege hand forged platinum Leon Mege workshop Leon Mege custom made engagement ring


Bench-made” describes high-end bespoke jewelry made without molds, casting, stamping, or CAD/CAM modeling. In other words, anything that takes the artistry out of the jewelry making process is not allowed. Bench-made jewelry is expected to:

  • Begin as a lump of raw metal hand forged into wire or plate
  • Be made from 95% Ru platinum alloy and/or 18-karat gold
  • Exclude any casting, stamping, or molds
  • Exclude computer modeling
  • Consists of individual parts
  • Set by using a microscope

Each bench-made piece is painstakingly made by skilled craftsmen using nothing more than the traditional tools of a jeweler: saw frame, pliers, files, tweezers, gas-torch, etc. The only two pieces of machinery you can find in a shop specializing in bench-made jewelry are rolling mills and a wire-drawing bench.

Each bench-made piece is a product of successful collaboration and interaction between the jeweler and the client.

Leon Mege custom made couture jewelry Leon Mege workshop Leon Mege hand forged custom made engagement ring
Leon Mege cushion pear shape round diamonds Leon Mege hand forged custom ring Leon Mege craftmanship
Leon Mege hand made wedding ring Leon Mege handmade Leon Mege custom made engagement wedding jewelry
Leon Mege hand forged couture jewelry design Leon Mege custom made wedding band Leon Mege bench made rings earrings pendants

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