Cabochons – Finger Countertops

Cabochon gemstones countertop for your finger illustration by Leon Mege

Labradorite Leon Mege illustrationLabradorite is plagioclase feldspar with pronounced metallic colored iridescence, a color play called labradorescence.

Labradorite comes in a transparent form ( red, orange, yellow, or colorless) and smoke grey translucent to opaque varieties. Labradorite has three cleavage directions.

Named after the Labrador Peninsula on Paul's Island near the town of Nain in Labrador, Canada, where it was first discovered, Labradorite is mined in China, India, and Madagascar.

As you can see, Labradorite can be used not only in jewelry but as a kitchen counter

Labradorite kitchen counter

bloodstone illustration leon mege

  • Types of agate illustration Leon MegeAmethyst
  • Citrine
  • Ametrine
  • Rose
  • Rutile
  • Strawberry
  • Obsidian
  • Carnelian
  • Chalcedony
  • Agate
  • Onyx
  • Jasper

Turquoise gemstone illustration

What is Copal?

Colombian amber or Copal is only 1,6 million years old. It is a younger sister of the Baltic amber that is 40 million years old.

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