Unpaid balance

Collection and fees The balance must be paid in full within 30 days. Failure to pay the balance will result in a 1.5% interest compounded monthly and added to the total. Failure to pay the balance within three months from the day of the initial purchase will result in the deposit’s complete forfeiture. Failure to … Read more


Frequently Answered Questions What is the difference between Leon Megé and other jewelers? Leon Megé emphasizes quality rather than speed of production or a price point. We adhere to the highest standards of craftsmanship thanks to over four decades of expertise. Our design aesthetics perfectly mix traditional craftsmanship and contemporary style to ensure that our … Read more


Leon Mege Payment options. We accept cash, checks, wire transfers, credit cards, direct bank deposits and Bitcoins.


Explanation of why Leon Megé is requesting a retainer, the advantage of paying a retainer for your price quotation.


Ship your jewelry to Leon Megé or calculate the costs of shipping of your finished engagement ring from us to you.

Rules of Engagement

Purchase must be paid in full, and our bank clears the payment before the item leaves our premises. All sales are final unless stated otherwise. All prices are in US dollars.

Our Insurance

We are fully insured and your valuables are covered by the Jeweler’s Block policy.

Sourcing From Overseas

Buying diamonds from overseas is dangerous and ultimately costs more.
It has become increasingly troublesome and risky to source stones from India.

Price Match Guarantee

We can match the lowest price on any diamond available on the market. Schedule an appointment for a private diamond viewing.

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