Wearing rings separately

Wearing a wedding band next to an engagement ring is a cause for concern and should be avoided. We advise wearing engagement and wedding rings on different hands to preserve their precious uniqueness and beauty.

Pink Diamonds

Revered for their incredible beauty and mythical origins, Argyle pink diamonds are highly coveted as one of the rarest stones in the world. Argyle pink diamonds are precious and rare, steeped in history, and stunningly beautiful. The Australian mine has been the world’s only consistent source of pink diamonds, accounting for more than 90% of … Read more


Chain vs. Necklace A necklace is set with gemstones, while chains are just metal. There is a grey area; for example, Elisa Peretti’s Diamonds By The Yard can be classified as a “chain” or a “necklace.”  There are many types of necklaces: Choker is a short necklace resting on the collarbone Sautoir – very long … Read more

Diamond Shapes

Modern Antique Side stones Which diamond is the most sparkling? Sparkle is a street name for diamond’s brilliance, dispersion and scintillation combined. These properties depend on how the light is processed inside the stone and how it bounces back towards us. A diamond that sparkles better excels at uniform light refraction and distribution. It has … Read more

Neckwear Anatomy

Chains Necklaces A chain is a string of interconnected links of various patterns, shapes, and sizes. Cable chain is the most popular style. Chain types Cable chain A Cable chain is assembled from uniform oval links usually made of round wire. A very fine cable chain called Trace chain is used in bespoke jewelry. Rolo … Read more

Ring parts

Knowing the ring parts is the key to understanding a design. Unfortunately, most jewelry terms are inconsistent, which makes it difficult to discuss the design. The brief glossary courtesy of Leon Mege Center for Advanced Jewelry Studies will help to communicate with us. Shank Most rings have two main parts: the head and the shank. … Read more

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