Three-stone ring

Platinum three stone ring by Leon Mege is a unique piece of jewelry crafted by hand. The ring is designed to maximize the look of the diamond and diamond brilliance.

Our Metals: Platinum and Gold

Most of our work is in platinum – the original precious white metal. We also work with white, yellow, and rose gold. We do not use gold alloys lower than 18-karat (750 European).

Our Pavé and Micro Pavé

Leon Megé European-trained setters are masters of setting diamonds and gemstones using a technique called “pavé,” from the French for “pavement.”

Precision-Forged Jewelry

Leon Megé is a fine jewelry designer reflects on definition of perfect engagement ring handmade from raw metal by European trained jewelers.

Our Diamonds

Leon Mege offers high-quality diamonds certified by independent diamond grading labs such as GIA. Search for diamonds by cut, color, clarity, and carat weight.

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