Diamond Shapes

Modern Antique Side stones Which diamond is the most sparkling? Sparkle is a street name for diamond’s brilliance, dispersion and scintillation combined. These properties depend on how the light is processed inside the stone and how it bounces back towards us. A diamond that sparkles better excels at uniform light refraction and distribution. It has … Read more

Neckwear Anatomy

Chains Necklaces A chain is a string of interconnected links of various patterns, shapes, and sizes. Cable chain is the most popular style. Chain types Cable chain A Cable chain is assembled from uniform oval links usually made of round wire. A very fine cable chain called Trace chain is used in bespoke jewelry. Rolo … Read more

Pave Anatomy

Pave Types Micro Pave Pave is done by jamming diamonds into a cone-shaped opening and carving small beads from the metal to hold them. The surrounding metal is engraved to create an eye-pleasing pattern and help the stones to blend in. Pave vs. Channel The Channel setting and Bright-cut pave look very similar to the … Read more

Diamond Stand-ins

Imaginary Diamonds Blonde Moissanite Lab-grown Diamonds There is a good reason a diamond is by far the most popular choice for an engagement ring; it does not have any color. Not every gemstone is a good fit for an engagement ring.  Color is not desirable in engagement rings – that’s why engagement rings are mostly … Read more

Diamond Anatomy

Honest jewelers sell only GIA-certified diamonds.

Semi-precious Gems

Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, and Paraiba tourmaline are the only four gems we call precious, five if you count diamonds, and six if you include Frodo with his ring. The rest are top-shelf (almost precious), semi-precious, ornamental, and obscure gems. All these groups include varieties as rare and valuable as the precious four. Semi-precious gems Topaz Topaz … Read more

Three-Stone Ring Guide

Three Stone Ring Side Stones Three-Stone Triplets A three-stone ring has two side stones flanking the center stone, amplifying its presence and elevating it to a superior level of sophistication. Craftsmanship and design The angles and curvatures are the keys to the well-balanced, proportionate, and eye-pleasing ring. Their choice is the most crucial decision a … Read more

Vintage Diamonds

Antique Diamonds True Antique Cushion Famous Diamonds Most people are attracted to antique cuts intuitively because of their characteristic retro vibe.  Except for cushion cuts, labs do not differentiate cuts on modern and antique diamonds. Today, the majority of antique cut diamonds on the market are modern replicas. However, this does not diminish their beauty … Read more

Ring Anatomy

Ring parts Prongs Shanks Knowing the ring parts’ names is the key to understanding a design. Unfortunately, most jewelers are inconsistent in their terminology, which leaves too many holes in the discussion. The brief glossary courtesy of Leon Mege Center for Advanced Jewelry Studies will help communicate with your jeweler. Ring Most rings can be … Read more

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