Ring Wear

It’s OK to wear a wedding band on any hand you like. Wearing a wedding and engagement ring together is not backed up by tradition.

Leon Mege in Social Media

Press Reviews and testimonials Happy Memories Sophisticated Weddings Magazine 2020 Martha Stuart Weddings Fall 2013 Leon Megé Jewelry in Martha Stuart Weddings Fall 2013 Four Seasons Magazine 2017   Le Frisson De La Chasse – French on romance. For the French, the chase is more exciting than the quarry. Occasionally, we feel compelled to give … Read more

Ring Size

Measuring finger size International Size Chart Correct ring size allows a ring to slide off the finger with moderate resistance. Precise measurement is important to ensure a perfect fit and should be done by an experienced professional. Like clothes, the ring fit is a matter of personal preference; some prefer a close fit, while others … Read more

Leon Mege Difference

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.” –  Albert Einstein Craftsmanship & Artistry Our Diamonds Our Metals Why choose us? Leon Mege is the best-kept secret in bespoke custom jewelry. Maestro Mege has extensive knowledge and expertise in each step of high-end jewelry making. Leon Mege is committed to providing his … Read more

Jewelry Care

“Elegance is not dependent on money. The most important of all is care. Care in choosing your clothes. Care in wearing them. Care in keeping them.”  Christian Dior Cleaning Avoiding damage The very day you slide a piece of jewelry on your finger, it starts to accumulate some damage. How long a ring is going … Read more

Diamond Evaluation Tools

Brilliant Cut Evaluation HCA ASET H & A Our exclusive Diamond Cut Evaluation Index is designed to rate round ideal cut diamonds certified by the GIA. The calculation evaluates the diamond’s light performance with the help of a proprietary algorithm developed by us through extensive scientific research. Each stone is evaluated in six categories: visual … Read more

Precious Gems

Paraiba Ruby Sapphire Emerald The luminescent, neon-blue tourmalines were originally discovered in the Brazilian state of Paraiba and were named after it. Decades later, a gemstone from the same family was discovered in Nigeria and Mozambique in Africa. That’s because these copper and manganese-colored gem deposits were separated millennia ago by continental drift. Paraiba gems … Read more

House of Mege

The Artist Maison Mege Русский 中文 Leon Mege is the award-winning, world-renowned jeweler best known for his outstanding craftsmanship, deeply steeped in the European tradition and pioneering work with micro pave. He holds several design patents in the jewelry and diamond cutting field from decades of work at the bench. Megé has produced important pieces … Read more

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