Random Jewelry Questions

100 popular questions people always wanted to ask to a private jeweler. Before custom-made platinum lab-grown or natural diamond engagement ring

Why choose us?

How to Recognize Craftsmanship in Fine Jewelry and Why You Should Choose Artisan Hand-Crafted Jewelry

Diamond Engagement Ring

Why choosing a diamond engagement ring? Is there any alternatives? A little history of diamond and how they became dominant in engagement ring market.

Wedding Bands Guide

Leon Megé compare and explain plain wedding band styles for men and women, in depth comparison of platinum and gold options.


Each Leon Mege piece is stamped with a special Leon Megé hallmark. Leon Megé passionate for gems and design.

Jewelry Cleaning

Tips on keeping your Leon Mege jewelry clean using ultrasonic, toothbrush, steamer.

The Art of Micro Pavé

Micro pave title

The term “micro pavé” refers to a technique of setting small diamonds or colored stones in multiple rows over the entire surface of a jewelry piece with a precision that is only possible using high magnification.

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