Current Diamond Prices

Round Diamonds Fancy Shaped Diamonds Diamonds’ starting prices to better assist you in estimating your total budget. The amount shown is the entry point for the three most common grades. We recommend familiarizing yourself with 4C’s to understand better how diamond prices are affected by the Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat Weight.


A girdle is the widest part of a gemstone, separating the crown above from the pavilion below. The girdle’s circumference defines the stone face-up measurements.  What are the different types of girdles? A diamond girdle can be bruted or polished. Modern diamonds usually have girdles small facets giving them better transparency and stronger brilliance. Step-cut … Read more

Fancy colored diamonds

To paraphrase George Orwell: “All diamonds are rare but some are more rare than others.” Fancy-colored diamonds are among the rarest and most valuable gemstones that fall outside of the standard D to Z  color scale. As the yellow tint becomes more obvious, the value of a diamond decreases. For fancy diamonds, the opposite happens – … Read more

Diamond Stand-ins

Imaginary Diamonds Blonde Moissanite Lab-grown Diamonds There is a good reason a diamond is by far the most popular choice for an engagement ring; it does not have any color. Not every gemstone is a good fit for an engagement ring.  Color is not desirable in engagement rings – that’s why engagement rings are mostly … Read more

Diamond Anatomy

Modern Diamonds Guide to certification Fluorescence Diamond types Which diamond is the most sparkling? Sparkle is a street name for diamond’s brilliance, dispersion and scintillation combined.These properties depend on how the light is processed inside the stone and how it bounces back towards us. A diamond that sparkles better excels at uniform light refraction and … Read more

Vintage Diamonds

Antique Diamonds True Antique Cushion Famous Diamonds Most people are attracted to antique cuts intuitively because of their characteristic retro vibe.  Except for cushion cuts, labs do not differentiate cuts on modern and antique diamonds. Today, the majority of antique cut diamonds on the market are modern replicas. However, this does not diminish their beauty … Read more

Diamond Evaluation Tools

Brilliant Cut Evaluation HCA ASET H & A Our exclusive Diamond Cut Evaluation Index is designed to rate round ideal cut diamonds certified by the GIA. The calculation evaluates the diamond’s light performance with the help of a proprietary algorithm developed by us through extensive scientific research. Each stone is evaluated in six categories: visual … Read more

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