Refinement is the ultimate genius and inspiration behind Leon Mege craftsmanship and style. We are pleased to present you with the 410™ solitaire, featuring a 3.06-carat modern cushion diamond.

The 410™ is hand-forged in platinum. Its upper gallery cradling the stone is set with pave – microscopic diamonds that add a small but delicious accent to the classic design. An upper gallery set with pave is referred to as a “hidden halo.” Calling a halo “hidden” contradicts any logic, since a halo is designed to frame a stone cannot be invisible. We specialize in high-end jewelry. High-end does not have to be expensive. It merely means that we hand-forge our jewelry as opposed to using casting and molds. Hand-forging is the highest level of craftsmanship.

To ensure the privacy of our clients, we cannot disclose the sale price. Sold pieces are presented here for your inspiration. However, we can provide an estimate of a custom version based on your unique specifications. 

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