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Leon Mege carefully considers the best strategy for faceting each rough stone to maximize its potential. Only the best diamonds are chosen for their shape, color, and clarity when it comes to bespoke jewelry.

Over a billion years ago, hundreds of miles below the Earth’s mantle, pure carbon molecules compressed under extreme heat and pressure gave birth to natural diamonds. The volcanic eruptions spread the precious crystals across the surface to be found and cherished for their brilliance and durability.

Lab-grown diamonds present an exciting opportunity for those who admire the diamond beauty but do not want to inflict harm on the environment. Plentiful, inexpensive, and, more importantly, indistinguishable from stones found in the wild, the lab-grown diamonds entered the mainstream to the delight and joy of all jewelry lovers.

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Are lab-grown diamonds real? Yes, they are 100% identical to natural diamonds; the only difference is their origin. Natural diamonds are dug out from Earth, while lab-grown diamonds are made by changing carbon’s molecular structure through immense heat and pressure. Every aspect of a lab-grown diamond – its look, brilliance, chemical, and physical properties is identical at a fraction of the cost of a natural diamond.

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