Do you like getting paid for your work? We do too!

In order to provide you with the ample selection of stones and our work in selection, sourcing and evaluating them, we will ask you for a "good faith" retainer. For those of you who are outside of the legal profession - a retainer is a nonrefundable deposit. A standard retainer is $400 (credit card, no fees). In order to pay, please follow this link.

Good faith” refers to the requirement for you to act honestly and to keep one’s promises without taking unfair advantage of our services or holding us to an impossible standard. The full amount of the retainer will be applied towards ANY purchase. There is no expiration date. The retainer is nonrefundable.

A retainer entitles you to:

  • Our expertise and assistance with the stone selection
  • An itemized price quote (stone and labor separate)
  • An option of sourcing a stone from an authorized vendor unless we are unable to match the price
  • Professional guidance and unlimited consultations
  • Free in-house appraisal

A retainer signals your commitment to mutual collaboration and it is required in order to:

  • Set up an appointment for viewing stones
  • Produce stone videos and photographs
  • Schedule an appointment for a consultation
  • Receive an unlimited number of custom quotes

Generic price estimates do not require a retainer. Sometimes we are able to provide a copy of a certificate or even share a video without asking for a retainer first.

Why are we asking for a retainer?

The stone presentation is a time-consuming process. We have to examine, sort and prepare the stones, then carefully verify all supporting documentation and pricing before sending them to our studio for a shoot.

Unfortunately, in the past too many unsavory characters took advantage of our expertise and our video- and photo- services without any intent on making a purchase.

We are able to offer the lowest prices on the market because we refuse to waste our time and resources on catering to those shoppers who take advantage of our time and resources while leaving others to pay for it.

Any concerns?

The retainer WILL NOT limit your buying options or box you into unfavorable terms and pricing. Please call and talk directly to us, so we can easily resolve any concerns you might have.

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