"Barie" Drop Earrings e7776


The enchanted “Barie” earrings were designed by Maestro Mege to celebrate the opulent grandeur of the Mughal Empire, the largest imperial dynasty in India. The glamorous drops combine amber briolettes, rare demantoid garnets, tsavorite garnets, and Burmese moonstones in a classically proportioned cascade of brilliance and color. The earrings are (3″) 77 mm long but can be shortened to fit.


  • A pair of 35mm fancy green (irradiated) amber briolettes (TW 32.01 carat)
  • 24 round demantoid garnets, total weight 4.00 carat
  • 2 moonstone cabs 0.58 carat total
  • 144 round tsavorites 2.86 carats total
  • Platinum and 18K white gold

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