Drop Earrings e7604

Gorgeous chandeliers are specifically designed to make you look like an absolute goddess on your wedding day and later convert to a casual pair of everyday studs. The drops have a total of 7.75-carats of aquamarines and 2.23 carats of F/VS diamonds. If the price of all-diamond earrings makes you cringe, consider aquamarines – emeralds’ cousins. You can easily turn the earrings into a pair of studs by sliding the aquamarine pendants off the post and later slide them back for a dressed-up affair.

  • 2 pear shape aquamarines 7.75 carats total weight
  • Aquamarines are approx. 14 x10 mm
  • 96 full-cut diamonds 2.23 carats total weight
  • Platinum Push back ears nuts
  • The earrings will hang approximately 25 mm below the earlobe.
  • Studs are approx. 9 mm in diameter
  • Complete earrings are approx. 34 mm long x 14 mm wide

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