"Late Night in Paris" Moonstone Necklace p8131

Leon Mege moonstone pendant is the ultimate embodiment of timeless glamour and unsurpassable style. This exquisite jewel features a natural 5.35-carat blue moonstone in a delicate micro pave halo of remarkable fire and brilliance.

The must-have your wardrobe probably lacks is a moonstone necklace. Moonstones have mysterious billowing light deep inside the stone caused by scattered light passing through the exsolution lamellae. Clear moonstone with a blue sheen, the most valuable kind, rarely exceeds 15 carats in size.

Do you know who does not like moonstones? Inez, the fiancee of the protagonist in Woody Allen’s comedy “Midnight in Paris,” and her condescending, obnoxious, and pompous parents.


  • 5.35-carat pear-shaped gem moonstone cab with superb bluish adularescence
  • 30 full-cut diamonds 0.40 carat total
  • 16″ platinum chain
  • Pendant 16.0 mm x 14.5 mm

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