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Mon Cheri™ engagement ring featuring a 6.03-carat vivid yellow diamond held with double claw prongs and accented with graduated French cut diamonds entwined in the shank.
  • Radiant-cut fancy vivid yellow diamond - 6.03 carats
  • Double claw prongs
  • Cathedral shank
  • Hand-forged platinum and 18K yellow gold
What is the Mon Cheri™ style?

Some pieces are difficult or impossible to replicate because they are set with rare one-of-a-kind stones. If you want a similar piece, we need to speak on the phone. 

For custom work, please speak with us:
Leon Mege is a purveyor of the finest jewelry precision-forged in New York. Each piece has been meticulously made according to the highest standards of bespoke craftsmanship since the last century.

Learn more about House of Mege.
Leon Mege is a venerable establishment making jewelry old-fashion way
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    Mon Cheri engagement ring featuring a radiant cut vivid yellow diamond by Leon Mege.
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