Celestial spinel in 811™ halo r7812

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r7812 GIA 5191251663 spinelLeon Mege 811™ halo ring with a 2.50-carat natural color-change silky-blue GIA-certified spinel is worthy of consideration by any serious collector or gem lover. The rare celestial gem reminiscent of the sleepy velvet color of Kashmir sapphires has all the qualities desired in a fine gem: distinct saturation, neither too light nor too dark, but just right, an adamantine luster, superb faceting, and exceptional clarity.

  • 2.50-carat natural color-change cushion spinel - GIA certificate 5191251663
  • The spinel naturally changes from violet-blue in daylight to violet in incandescent light
  • 86 F/VS diamonds weighing 0.57 carats in total
  • Finger size 5 3/4, reasonable sizing is included.
Finger size:
  • US - 5 3/4
  • Français - 52
  • But of course! - L 1/4
  • Deutsche - 16 1/4
  • 日本語 - 11

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