Pink sapphire statement ring with carré cut diamonds by Leon Mege.


The craftsmanship of the bespoke right-hand ring crowned with fuchsia sapphire spun sideways over the channel-set shank is impressive. It is a work of art, from its refined design and precise build to the elegant stone arrangement.
  • Shown with a 3-carat natural purple sapphire
  • Graduating step-cut diamonds
  • Single-claw prongs
  • Rolex-grade platinum
Some pieces are difficult or impossible to replicate because they are set with rare one-of-a-kind stones. If you want a similar piece, we need to speak on the phone.
For custom work, please speak with us:

Leon Mege is a purveyor of the finest jewelry precision-forged in New York. Each piece has been meticulously made according to the highest standards of bespoke craftsmanship since the last century.

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Leon Mege is a venerable establishment making jewelry old-fashion way
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    Leon Megé right-hand ring with a natural fuchsia sapphire and channel-set diamonds r6981
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