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“Poppy Flower” Ring r1241

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Jarring psychedelic flair is coupled with red-carpet artistry and craftsmanship made apparent in Leon Megé "Poppy Flower" ring. The hand-pierced petals set with 500 natural rubies cradle the flower's anther made of orange diamonds surrounding a rose-cut diamond.  The diamond cluster is mounted on a tiny spring "en Tremblant," so even slight disturbances such as a sudden air blow cause it to vibrate.
  • 1.54-carat fancy yellow rose-cut diamond
  • 50 ideal-cut white F/VS diamonds 0.63 carats total
  • Twelve natural fancy orange diamonds 0.80 carats total
  • Natural rubies - 500 stones weighing 10.75 carats
  • Metals used: 18K yellow gold, platinum, and antiqued sterling silver
  • Random pave
  • Finger size 6
size 6 bar
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    Leon Megé "Poppy Flower" Haute Couture ring with fancy yellow diamond mounted "en Tremblant" r1241
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