Custom-made band with five matching ideal cut diamonds approximately 0.40 carats each. Elegant platinum construction, single claw prongs.

Available in several diamond grades:

  • Collection – GIA E-F/VVS, ideal cut
  • Premium –  GIA G-H/VS, GIA XXX
  • Commercial – GIA I-J/SI
  • Stone diameter range – 4.6-4.8 mm
  • Material – platinum
We will select the best available stones in each category. The specs for the stones are minimum what we use; if necessary, we reserve the right to upgrade the stone quality; for example, we may substitute a D-colored stone in the collection grade set.  

Due to the current economic situation, the stock is very limited. The out-of-stock items will be automatically back-ordered and shipped as soon as possible. Backordered items are not returnable. 

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