Eardrops with Imaginary Diamonds e8056

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What is better than Leon Mege exclusive True Antique cushion Blonde Moissanites® masterfully faceted to stand in for a pair of diamonds at a tiny fraction of the price? The elegant eardrops are bench-made from solid platinum wire using only hand tools. No casting, no CAD. Each Blonde Moissanite is cut with the utmost precision at a secret location somewhere in China and measures 9×8 mm (a rough equivalent of a 2.5-carat diamond). Delivering one of the most competitive pricing of bespoke jewelry on Earth and globally throughout the Milky Way, Leon Mege earned loyal fans and Instagram followers’ trust.

  • The total length of earrings from top to bottom - 3/4 inch.
  • Swan neck wire

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  • The ring comes in a signature leather box with all the necessary paperwork, including certificates and appraisal.

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