Antique Drops with Imaginary Diamonds e8056

What could be better than Leon Mege exclusive Blonde Moissanites (TM) masterfully faceted to stand in for a pair of Antique Cushion diamonds for a tiny fraction of the price?
The elegant drops are handmade from solid platinum wire using only hand tools. No casting, no CAD. Each Blonde Moissanite is cut with the utmost precision at a secret location somewhere in China and measures 9×8 mm (a rough equivalent of a 2.5-carat diamond).

  • The total length of earrings top to bottom – 3/4 inch.
  • Swan neck wire
Delivering one of the most competitive pricing of bespoke jewelry on Earth and globally throughout the Milky Way, Leon Mege earned loyal fans and Instagram followers’ trust.

Tooltip  The item is in stock and available for immediate purchase. Complimentary shipping within the continental United States.


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