Leon Mege jewelers are not content selling precious gems; they enhance them to turn into something unique and extraordinary like the exquisite 7.25-carat alexandrite. The three-stone ring is outfitted with step-cut diamond trapezoids and hand fabricated in platinum.

The unique color-changing characteristics of Alexandrite make it irresistible for any collector to own. “Look, here it is, the prophetic Russian stone! O crafty Siberian! It was always green as hope and only toward evening was it suffused with blood.” – Nikolai Leskov,1884

  • Natural 7.25-carat gem Alexandrite, bluish-green in daylight, purplish-red under incandescent light.
  • Step-cut trapezoid diamonds
  • Cathedral shank
  • Single claw prongs
  • Hand-forged platinum

Tooltip  This is a fine example of our craftsmanship and style presented here to inspire your imagination. Because these unique specifications are impossible to replicate exactly, we invite you to explore all available options by calling us at (212) 768-3868.

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