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East-West Antique Moissanite r8255

Some jewelry is more than adornment—it is a statement that becomes a part of an identity. Leon Mege East-West solitaire ring features rare True Antique cushion Blonde moissanites and natural diamonds on the Podium™ base. The ring is a part of the Leon Mege Flamingo™ collection.
  • Leon Mege True Antique™ cushion Blonde™ Moissanite 8x6 mm (approximately 2.5-carat diamond equivalent)
  • Six graduated True Antique™ cushion Blonde™ moissanites
  • Rolex-grade platinum
  • Single claw prongs
  • Bright-cut pave
  • Finger size 5 3/4
Size 5 3/4 bar
Currently in stock and available for purchase.


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    Leon Megé East-West solitaire with True Antique cushion Blonde moissanites on the Podium™ base r8255
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