The pearls are gems grown within the soft tissue of an oyster around a microscopic irritant such as a grain of sand that found its way inside the shell. There are two types of pearls identical in composition and appearance and different only in how they were conceived – natural and cultured. Natural pearls are … Read more


Beryl is a colorless mineral in its pure form, getting its rich hues from impurities in the crystals. The Beryl family encompasses a group of very popular multi-colored gems. The single beryl species gave us charming Santa-Maria aquamarines, Colombian emeralds, tender pink morganites, heliodor in festive shades of yellow, ruby-red bixbite, and even colorless goshenites. … Read more

Fancy colored diamonds

To paraphrase George Orwell: All diamonds are rare, but some are rarer than others. Leon Mege is your best source of fancy diamonds Leon Mege is the best wholesale source of any fancy-colored diamond, including rare Argyle diamonds from the most reputable diamantaires. Leon Mege is the industry leader in the world of fancy-colored diamonds. … Read more

Celebrities by ring style

Three stone ring Emerald-cut diamond ring with tapered baguettes is very popular with celebrities. The notable pieces are Mariah Carey’s voluptuous ring with a 35-carat diamond, Grace Kelly’s 10.48-carat diamond ring, Jennifer Lopez’s ring rumored to be worth $5 million, Melania Trump’s 15-carat rock, and Amal Clooney’s 7-carat diamond. Ruby cluster ring The desire for … Read more

Ornamental gems

Countertops for your fingers Jadedite Jade has been revered in China for over 4000 years. The most valuable jade is the Imperial Jade, emerald-green semi-transparent to translucent Jadeite colored by chromium. It is mined in northern Myanmar at the Hpakan-Tawmaw jade tract in Kachin province. Jadeite and nephrite can look similar, and both are often … Read more

Obscure Gems

Table of Contents Kyanite Kyanite is a metamorphous mineral that occurs in schists and granite pegmatites. Gem-grade kyanite is extremely rare. Its name comes from the Greek word kyanos which means blue. Kyanite is an aluminum silicate that comes in various colors. Blue Kyanite is by far the most valuable variety. Kyanite is allochromatic, meaning … Read more

Diamond Stand-ins

Imaginary Diamonds Blonde Moissanite Lab-grown Diamonds There is a good reason a diamond is by far the most popular choice for an engagement ring; it does not have any color. Not every gemstone is a good fit for an engagement ring.  Color is not desirable in engagement rings – that’s why engagement rings are mostly … Read more

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