World's Most Amazing Three-Stone Ring

A three-stone engagement ring is a beautiful and timeless symbol of love and commitment. The three stones represent the past, present, and future of the couple’s relationship. They are also said to represent the qualities of loyalty, friendship, and love. Three-stone engagement rings have been around for centuries and never go out of style.

A three-stone ring symbolizes the past, present, and future of the couple’s relationship. This makes the ring even more special and meaningful.

A round diamond with pear-shaped side stones has a perfectly balanced combination of features for those who seek a touch of elegance without imposition. While the tapered baguette ring remains the foundation of the three-stone design, the pears introduce a  surprising twist that turns a boring classic into a spectacular jewel. The pear shapes give it a sense of balance and symmetry, flattering the center stone and making it more important.

Key features

The solid, cold-rolled metal construction allows a thinner gauge of wire to be used. Our Rolex-grade  95% pure platinum alloy is tempered with 5% Ruthenium for maximum hardness and durability.

The absolute precision of the hand-forging process allows for unparalleled accuracy in manufacturing.

A properly designed three-stone ring retains maximum staying power by preventing oily skin products from reaching the diamonds and affecting their brilliance.

Pear shapes provide additional protection to the center stone and increase overall durability.

Leon Mege vs others

leon mege vs. others


Our precious metals are sourced from a Responsible Jewelry Council (RJC) member whose standards enable fully traceable and responsibly sourced practices, including ethical supply chains, to uphold human rights, mitigating adverse mining and environmental impact. This protects the well-being and safety of people and the environment, as well as supports community development.

Keeping the diamond prices down

We never cut corners when it comes to quality, sustainability, or fair manufacturing practices. Our prices stay low because we avoid the expenses of the traditional jewelry supply chain, including sales commissions, stocking, and storefront retail.

Our exclusive vertical B2C model lets us offer exceptionally high-quality custom jewelry for much lower prices than others.


The ring can be made with a variety of different stones, including natural or lab-grown diamonds. Sapphires, rubies, emeralds, or other gemstones will look great and reflect your non-conformist personality.
The choice of single or double prongs is purely personal and depends on the stone size.

The center stone can vary in size, with the pear proportions to the center adjusted to an individual’s taste. This makes each ring unique.

Lab-grown diamonds by Leon Mege

Our reputation

Leon Mege has carved a formidable reputation, one that transcends international boundaries. The brand resonates with individuals seeking refined design, perfectly cut diamonds, and superb craftsmanship. This reputation is not just a result of a well-crafted image; it’s grounded in a legacy of quality. The brand’s commitment to producing top-tier jewelry has been steadfast since its inception.

Leon Mege is the legendary American master jeweler and goldsmith, one of the most accomplished craftsmen still actively working. He has gained the respect of jewelry experts worldwide and is beloved by millions of fans on social media.

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