The best Studs on Earth

When you need studs you need them

Diamond studs offer a stylish yet casual accessory for a comfortable everyday look for almost any occasion. Pair them with a T-shirt and jeans and keep them for a night out.

We believe that shopping for diamond earrings doesn’t have to be overcomplicated by considering too few options.

Key features

Studs are solitaire diamond earrings

  1. Four-prong basket-style, straight or tilted
  2. Three-prong Martini-style
  3. Bezel-set
Round diamond studs with double claw prongs by Leon Mege.
Leon Mege platinum studs with a round diamond in single prongs illustration e8704

Leon Mege vs. Harry Winston

compared to mass production

Leon Mege vs. Cartier

Cartier has been creating jewelry since 1847, becoming a leading player in the world of high-end jewelry and earning a reputation for designs and craftsmanship.

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Amazing Eagle Claw Prongs

Our famous “Eagle Claw” prongs shaped like eagle talons are unsurpassed. A client can choose between trendy double-claws or traditional single-claw prongs. They are the prongs of choice for important gems in high-end jewelry. Providing stone security during the setting, they require lighter pressure on the stone’s girdle. Their shape makes them less visible while providing a secure grip on a stone. Unfortunately, they are also more difficult to make and require the skills of an experienced setter. Our setters have tremendous experience in shaping the prong tips. On average, our claws have a smaller footprint without sacrificing the prong’s strength and holding power.

We’ve embraced, refined, and perfected the ring architecture designed to hold a single stone thanks to its inherent simplicity, adaptability, and refinement (solitaires have been worn and appreciated for over 100 years) 

Always pushbacks, never screwbacks

The least secure type of earring backs are screw-backs, consisting of a threaded post and a winged nut spun up the post against the ear lobe. The nut cannot be pulled offit has to be fully unscrewed.

18K pink gold studs featuring round brilliants by Leon Mege.

We do it better because we make one ring at a time. No mass production means total satisfaction. Every surface of Leon Mege The Perfect™ Solitaire is meticulously finished with smooth mirror-like polish.

Leon Mege perfect solitaire gallery illustration

Minimalistic gallery

The ring’s basket is a lattice structure that helps reduce part volume, which prevents excessive stress buildup and makes its parts lighter and stronger. The ring’s basket consists of an upper bezel and a gallery, which is the foundation for the prongs, moving them away from each other for added strength and stability. A beautiful steep A-shaped basket has a very small gallery that gives it stress absorption and reduces the clearance between an engagement and wedding band.

Low-end rings often lack a gallery where prongs converge into a single weak point presented as a design feature. In reality, it’s a cost-saving flaw, the equivalent of a car with three wheels.

Exceptional value

Leon Mege’s jewelry is precision-forged, which means the quality of our handmade studs is exceptional and makes them so desirable. They are made from strong surgical-grade platinum, which is luxurious and completely hypoallergenic.

Exquisite Diamond Quality

Each Leon Mege diamond is a precious asset.
​We invest countless hours of work and innovation in sourcing and cutting the perfect diamonds with maximum brilliance and light return. When you pass the diamond to your children, you can rest assured that it is not just a jewel. Owing to its high quality and source, it is a diamond that will increase its value over the years and become an asset and a legacy for your family and for the next generations.



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