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  • Low profile signet band set with single-cut diamonds and ruby-set M-initial by Leon Mege

    M-logo Signet Ring r3317

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  • Leon Mege Flamingo diamond ring with emerald cut tsavorite set East West

    East-West Tsavorite Flamingo r8251

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  • Leon Mege Flamingo collection unique ring with hemimorphire

    Flamingo with Hemimorphite r8235

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  • Flamingo collection Leon Mege Burma spinel ring with cushion pigeon blood center stone in platinum setting

    “Pigeon Blood” Spinel Flamingo r8261

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  • Convertible aquamarine platinum drop earrings e8245

    e8245 Detachable Aquamarine Drops

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  • Royal blue cushion sapphire with french cut diamonds and pave by Leon Mege

    Royal Blue Sapphire Ring r8237

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  • Paraiba Marquise Earrings e7972

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  • Galaxy™ halo ring with GIA certified 2.30 ct pink cushion starwberry spinel by Leon Mege.

    Strawberry Spinel Ring r7976

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  • Tsavorite and Pearl Drops e8257

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  • Leon Mege bespoke rose gold necklace with natural yellow sapphires and pink spinels

    Rose Gold Sapphire Necklace p7941

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  • Art Deco South Sea Black Pearls e8226

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  • Blue moonstone necklace with diamond micro pave halo handmade in platinum by Leon Mege

    “Late Night in Paris” Moonstone Necklace p8131

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