Ring Sizing

Leon Mege policies illustration ring sizing

There are three ways to adjust ring size:

  • Cutting or adding a section to change the circumference
  • Rimming out the excess of metal from the inside (Size increase only)
  • Stretching or compressing the band (only plain bands)
  • Adding fillers such as balls, shots, bullets, liners, springs, or other “speed bumps” to fill the extra space inside.


Plain wedding bands can be re-sized. 

Pave-set wedding bands cannot be re-sized. The excess of metal inside the band can be reamed out in rare cases, but the size increase is minimal, usually less than 1/8 of a full size.

Eternity bands cannot be sized. Moreover, an eternity band size can be increased or decreased in large increments when set with large stones. Adding or taking out a single stone can change the size dramatically. 

Each case is different, please get in touch with us with questions, and in most cases, we can find a reasonable solution.

We offer a one-time complimentary sizing within a year from the purchase date. The free sizing is not offered for:

  • extremely large or tiny sizes
  • set with gemstones other than diamonds
  • purchased during a clearance sale 
  • showing signs of excessive damage not consistent with normal wear-and-tear
  • featuring a prosthetic mechanism for opening and closing

The cost of sizing custom-made rings is the client’s responsibility. In most cases, the ring sizing costs less than $200.

Additional charges apply for sizing beads, bullets, balls, and shots. Eternity-set wedding bands cannot be sized. Minor sizing does not void the warranty. The minor sizing is considered: 

 Size 0 to 3Size 3 to 5Size 5 to 7Size over 7
Plain shanks½ size down or ½ size up¾ size down or ¾ size upsize down or a full-size upfull size down or 1½ size up
Shanks with diamonds⅛ size down or ¼ size up¼ size down or ½ size up½ size down or 3/4 size up½ size down or a full size up


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