String Theory™ diamond band r4967

String Theory™ diamond band r4967

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The diamond weight depends on a ring size - 0.35 carat on average.

We use only ideal cut natural diamonds F/VS and better with no fluorescence.

Leon Megé "String" collection micro pave bands are set with natural, diamonds and colored stones. 

The bands are set in a way that only a “string” of stones appear to float in  thin air.

Leon Megé String™ bands are approximately 1.2 mm wide - slightly thinner than a dime. 

Leon Megé String™ bands always were and still are the only authentic micro pavé bands of this size.

The delicate nature of the String Theory™ micro pave calls for gentle wearing habits, extra care and, most of all, unconditional love of its delicate beauty. 

The bands are great in stacks when they are mixed and matched in different color combinations.

Leon Megé String™ bands are handmade out of hardened, cold-drawn platinum or gold wire, and precision-set under extreme magnification by our European-trained setters, who excel in securing the stones with practically invisible beads.


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