Suggested Stones


The stones are available for purchase from Leon Mege Diamond Ambassador service.
Availability is subject to change without notice.

Side stone guide We guarantee the lowest price.

More stones that will work well with this style could be suggested. Please call us (212) 768-3868

Shape Carat weight Grade Lab Certificate Request price
Asscher 4.04 H/VS1 GIA 2195397043 Quote
Asscher 4.03 G/VS1 GIA 2155854430 Quote
Asscher 4.17 E/VVS2 GIA 2193376522 Quote
Asscher 4.32 E/VS1 GIA 17492237 Quote
Asscher 4.31 J/VS1 GIA 1183281950 Quote
Asscher 4.05 H/VS2 GIA 2165138894 Quote
Asscher 4.20 F/VS2 GIA 2181938249 Quote
Asscher 4.05 H/VS1 GIA 514167889 Quote
Asscher 4.01 E/VS1 GIA 5181569201 Quote
Asscher 4.02 E/VS1 GIA 2135197908 Quote
Asscher 4.06 H/VVS2 GIA 5182773436 Quote
Asscher 4.02 H/VVS1 GIA 2171696532 Quote
Asscher 4.01 E/VS2 GIA 5192968699 Quote
Asscher 4.01 D/VS2 GIA 5182659302 Quote
Asscher 4.21 F/VS2 GIA 5182604460 Quote
Asscher 4.01 H/VS1 GIA 5202117943 Quote
Asscher 4.02 E/VS1 GIA 2155994113 Quote
Asscher 4.01 I/VS1 GIA 5171367238 Quote
Asscher 4.01 E/VVS2 GIA 5192569537 Quote
Asscher 4.01 F/VS2 GIA 16822536 Quote
Asscher 4.04 F/VS1 GIA 1329350918 Quote
Asscher 4.01 H/VS2 GIA 2195996005 Quote
Asscher 4.01 I/VVS1 GIA 2161480064 Quote
Asscher 4.03 I/VS1 GIA 5193701333 Quote
Asscher 4.01 I/VS1 GIA 5266416647 Quote
Asscher 4.02 J/VS2 GIA 6193785414 Quote
Asscher 4.01 H/VS1 GIA 2155835230 Quote
Asscher 4.00 H/VS1 GIA 5141174291 Quote
Asscher 4.02 I/VS1 GIA 2191187068 Quote
Asscher 4.01 H/IF GIA 2125774376 Quote
Asscher 4.01 J/VS2 GIA 519290026 Quote
Asscher 4.01 I/VS1 GIA 5171206953 Quote
Drop a Hint

Wearing natural gemstones - rubies in this instance, brings the energy of the stone to your energy field.

It can heal, enhance our energy, or clear our energy field, just by being in our presence. Or something.

The expertly crafted three-stone ring with 4.08 carat Asscher cut diamond and natural emerald-cut rubies.


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