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The stones are available for purchase from Leon Mege Diamond Ambassador service.
Availability is subject to change without notice.

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Shape Carat weight Grade Lab Certificate Request price
Cushion 2.60 H/VS1 GIA 2161815907 Quote
Cushion 2.74 H/VS1 GIA 7163231105 Quote
Cushion 2.75 G/VS2 GIA 2171736261 Quote
Cushion 2.63 J/VS2 GIA 2307175098 Quote
Cushion 2.62 J/VS2 GIA 5182588561 Quote
Cushion 2.61 G/VS2 GIA 5273759151 Quote
Cushion 2.72 G/VS1 GIA 3145981049 Quote
Cushion 2.72 H/VS2 GIA 1208040487 Quote
Cushion 2.71 G/VS2 GIA 3145376736 Quote
Cushion 2.65 I/VS1 GIA 1315499412 Quote
Cushion 2.61 H/VS2 GIA 2195962043 Quote
Cushion 2.71 J/VS2 GIA 1275606971 Quote
Cushion 2.71 H/VS2 GIA 7281775651 Quote
Cushion 2.61 I/VS2 GIA 6242392975 Quote
Cushion 2.62 J/VS2 GIA 5182589725 Quote
Cushion 2.61 I/VS2 GIA 5192565182 Quote
Cushion 2.74 F/VS2 GIA 6211227708 Quote
Cushion 2.62 I/VS2 GIA 2307727444 Quote
Cushion 2.60 I/VS1 GIA 2287993340 Quote
Cushion 2.70 G/VS2 GIA 2318586640 Quote
Cushion 2.61 H/VS2 GIA 1192286165 Quote
Cushion 2.70 F/VS1 GIA 2296681172 Quote
Cushion 2.70 I/VVS2 GIA 1172593920 Quote
Cushion 2.70 I/VS1 GIA 1172593929 Quote
Cushion 2.60 G/VS1 GIA 1243306043 Quote
Cushion 2.76 G/VS2 GIA 2307949997 Quote
Cushion 2.70 I/VS1 GIA 2185161086 Quote
Cushion 2.72 F/VS2 GIA 1182837833 Quote
Cushion 2.60 G/VS2 GIA 2185726514 Quote
Cushion 2.62 G/VS1 GIA 2151134022 Quote
Cushion 2.74 G/VS2 GIA 6192764168 Quote
Cushion 2.65 F/VS2 GIA 6107775835 Quote
Cushion 2.70 J/VS1 GIA 7223387779 Quote
Cushion 2.67 G/VVS2 GIA 6265373478 Quote
Cushion 2.71 F/VS2 GIA 6197784944 Quote
Cushion 2.71 J/VS1 GIA 2195261051 Quote
Cushion 2.60 F/VS2 GIA 5303014255 Quote
Cushion 2.66 F/VS2 GIA 6193834580 Quote
Cushion 2.61 F/VS2 GIA 2195162539 Quote
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A statement to confess, the true sentiment of love and inspiration virtually radiates from this 2.60-carat cushion shape diamond ring from Leon Mege jewelers. 

Unusually elaborate engagement ring crafted in platinum to the highest standards of jewelry art entirely by hand. 

The center stone is a brilliant modified cushion diamond, graduated round diamonds set with shared prongs on the top of the shank and diamond pave on the shank sides, basket, and prongs.


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