The most beautiful engagement solitaire in the world

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We are masters of the finest handmade engagement solitaires, unsurpassed by Winston, Cartier, or Graff. Each bespoke signature ring is crafted by a small team of highly skilled artisans in New York. Our solitaire is superior to any other brand, regardless of their provenance or history.

Leon Mege Solitaire vs. Cartier and Winston is the story of the Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Or perhaps the story of David knocking the wind out of Goliath, tying his shoelaces, and making him do the shuffle.

Key features:

  • The most seductive shank curvature
  • The steep angle of the basket holding the stone
  • Medium height of the setting for stones smaller than 2 carats
  • Graduated thin prongs with Eagle claw tips
  • Platinum is the metal of choice but 18K gold is an option as well
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Leon Mege’s classic solitaire is superior to the Cartier 1895 and dreadful Winston ring in every aspect. Our solitaires are precision-forged one at a time, while Cartier and Winston mass-produce their lackluster production at factories worldwide. The shoulders of the shank are based on the vector paths known as Bézier curves. The curve’s pioneer, Monsieur Pierre Étienne Bézier (1910-1999), was a distinguished French engineer. Never underestimate the power of the dramatically tapered basket that looks like an upside-down A. It reduces the size and visibility of the lower gallery to a minimum. Our famous “Eagle Claw” prongs are unsurpassed. A client can choose between trendy double-claws or traditional single-claw prongs. 

Exquisite Diamond Quality

Our precision-forged solitaires boast exceptional cut, clarity, and color of diamonds. We hand-select the ideal or super-ideal cut stones that qualify to be set into our rings.

The center stone is the price driver for solitaires to a higher degree than any other engagement ring style. Securing the perfect center stone at the right price and avoiding a markup can save you thousands of dollars.

We do it better because we make one ring at a time. No mass production means mass satisfaction.

What options do you get with a handmade solitaire? Hardly any. Our classic cathedral solitaire has a clean look and timeless appeal, proven by decades of evolution and perfection. The ring consists of only seven elements: upper and lower bezels connected by four prongs (single or double) forming the basket. Lastly, a cathedral shank with pointy arms splits up towards the bezel in an elegant arch.

In addition to bespoke Leon Mege solitaire, we offer two additional versions: the ultra-dainty “Princessa” for those who hate to see naked metal peeking from under the stone and the Modern solitaire with uniform shank aimed at those who love to see the diamond seemingly suspended over the finger in thin air.

We’ve refined and perfected the elegant solitaire hand-built to hold a single stone. Solitaires have been worn and appreciated for over 100 years. 

According to Pook-Wee-Onoto, the fastest-growing psychic reader in social media, dreaming of a diamond ring can mean:
  • Commitment to a project or idea
  • A new romance
  • A proposal or a wedding
  • Expectation of the feat of strength
  • Experiencing conflict with a loved one
  • Doubting your partner’s fidelity


Marty Rappaport
Marty Rappaport@notyourbusiness
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Even without the diamond being set I already saw heavenly master behind the craftsmanship. The best solitaire I ever saw. I wholeheartedly endorse Leon Mege as the best solitaire maker in the world.
Emmett Brown
Emmett Brown@drivingdelorean
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I am so satisfied, I wish I can go back and do it again! Five stars!
Virgil Starkwell
Virgil Starkwell@baltimorekid
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After seeing the ring I completely gave up the idea of stealing her purse.
Richie Aprile
Richie Aprile@areyoutalkingtome
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I could kill for such a ring. Bravissimo!
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