It is possible to attain perfection, but only rarely is it possible to admire it. This stunning 20-carat natural fancy pink diamond was plundered from the planet’s farthest reaches to nest on a wrinkly hand of an aging socialite. The center stone is flanked with rare “Ram’s Head” diamonds in bespoke a three-stone ring by Maestro Mege.

We give you a chance to catch a glimpse of the world’s most perfect diamonds owned by the ruling class. The lavish jewels are often owned by the descendants of those who accumulated fortunes by exploiting, stealing, and murdering those whose hands created the wealth in the first place. Throughout history, monarchs, emperors, tsars, kings, shahs, sultans, governors, landlords, nobles, robber barons, conquistadors, warlords, chieftains, strongmen, mobsters, raiders, gangsters, marauders, pirates, and bankers were jeweler’s best clients.
  • Double claw prongs
  • Hand-forged platinum and 18K rose gold

Tooltip  This is a fine example of our craftsmanship and style presented here to inspire your imagination. Because these unique specifications are impossible to replicate exactly, we invite you to explore all available options by calling us at (212) 768-3868.

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