The perfect 401™ solitaire ring created by a marriage of the stunning 2.63-carat diamond and the professional skills of Leon Mege custom jewelers guided by their creative vision. One of the rarest gifts of nature, the ideal cut diamond is cradled by the hand-forged solitaire.

To ensure the privacy of our clients, we cannot disclose the sale price. Sold pieces are presented here for your inspiration. However, we can provide an estimate of a custom version based on your unique specifications. 

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All Leon Mege rings are bench-made completely by hand, without casting or any other inferior methods of manufacturing.
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This is not a price list. Instead, use the chart to figure out your budget. We grouped diamonds into the three most popular color/clarity tiers. Of course, there are stones that cost less, but usually, there is a reason why they are priced so low.

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