Move over Cartier. It’s not 1895 and we are not in Kansas anymore. Leon Mege 301™ solitaire featuring a modern 2.01-carat cushion diamond is best in it’s class in performance and power. Feel like you own the planet. You are Superman, Wonder-woman and Star Lord combined when you wear such a ring.

  • Modern cushion cut diamond – approximately 2.01 carat
  • Bright-cut pave
  • Double claw prongs
  • Graduated cathedral shank
  • Hand forged platinum
The impeccable craftsmanship combined with attention to minute details is our forte. Don’t miss it. The impressive center stone is held with double claw prongs, while bright-cut smooth-edge pave adorns the shank.

To ensure the privacy of our clients, we cannot disclose the sale price. Sold pieces are presented here for your inspiration. However, we can provide an estimate of a custom version based on your unique specifications. 

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